Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 It is with great sadness that I am removing the books I have published with Ellora’s Cave from my website.  I love those books!  When the first was accepted back in 2006 I was so happy.  I was extremely proud to become part of the Ellora’s Cave family of authors.

In the past year however, there has been some, let’s call it, unpleasantness occurring with the company.  No, I will not go into details here.  You can find more information by doing an internet search if you are that interested.  From my standpoint, and I speak for no one but myself, I no longer have any confidence in the longevity of the company.

I have requested the rights back on all my books.  Even the ones that don’t currently qualify.  Why?  Because when all the badness comes to a head, I want it on record within the company that I have done so.  I am stating this here, publicly for the same reason.

Hopefully, Ellora’s Cave management will do the right thing and return my books to me in a timely manner.  As soon as they do so I will work on finding a new home for my art and go back to sharing it with you.  In the meantime, I apologize to anyone who is interested in reading my stories. 

I am truly sorry Ellora’s Cave has made it nearly impossible to locate any of my work on their site.  And, just so you know, they haven’t sent me any royalties in months so please, even if you do manage to find my books, please don’t buy them.  It no longer seems as if your hard-earned money will find its way to me, the author who poured my heart and soul into creating those stories.

I do have four other books available from different publishers.  Stop by the Books page of my website for more information.

Thank you.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ever Wonder?

All of life is research. I'm not sure if I consciously intend it to be or if that's just how it works out. Some of the most bizarre snippets in my books are absolute truths but I suspect no one would ever believe it.  "Which ones?" you ask.  I'll never tell!  Only the individuals directly involved will ever know what is truth and what is fiction with me.