Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dear Beau,

I miss you.
You’ve been gone two years now.  Since you left me I’ve tried to be as brave and strong as you were but there are times when I fail.  I’m sorry for that.  Feels like I’m not honoring your memory as I should.  I will do better.  For you.

I always believed that magic draws magic.  Oh yes, I am magic. Definitely.  But not like you.   You were, without exception, the most magical, mystical creature ever!  You still are.  I know you gathered the kitties that came before you and crafted the fae Teague just for me.  He has traits from each of you.  Never fails to make me smile when he reveals another one.  And how else would he have gotten to the right person to get him to me without your help?

Kya was sitting with me this morning.  I can tell she misses you too.  None of the boys snuggle with her like you used to.  They pick on her instead.  Can you whisper to them please and get them to stop that?  As you know, she’s a very sweet girl who just wants cuddling.

With everything going on now I wish you were still here in person but I know you’re watching over me.  You’ll take care of me same you always have.

It just hurts today, you know?  Five years wasn't enough.

I love you, Beau.  Always will.  See you in my dreams…