Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2:00 a.m. Drama

I was sleeping nicely for a change.  Until Kya, Kitty Warrior Princess decided to play downstairs.  Loudly.  Seriously louder than she has been the past few nights.  Meowing, which she rarely does, bouncing off of things, scampering all over the place. Then she moved her game upstairs to continue playing under the bed.

The boys had been lounging with me but as soon as Kya hit the room they leapt off the bed and pounced her.  Hmm.  Not their norm.  When the racket didn’t subside I decided perhaps I needed to turn on the light and take a look at what it was they had. By then Quinn snatched whatever it was from Kya and had it in the corner behind the window fan.

Yep, it was a wee mouse. Obviously terrified.  Quinn on one side, Harry on the other. Kya had given up by then.  She knows not to get in the middle of them once they are after something.  I would have preferred to curl up and go back to sleep but decided I had no choice but to deal with it.  But first, I made sure the covers weren’t touching the floor, just in case it attempted to make a run for it.

I put on my glasses.  Better to see exactly what was going on, you know.  And my shoes.  Quinn has very long, sharp claws and I would need to get in close to steal the mouse.  I was debating on adding real clothes, again as protection but before I got that far Quinn managed to snag the critter and took off like a shot, Harry and me on his heals.

There are twelve steps in my house. Six feet from where I was sitting on the bed to the top of the stairs. In the seconds it took me to follow, Quinn had the poor thing punctured bad. I guess he clamped down hard when he made his move. I know this because there hadn’t been any blood upstairs and the poor thing was nearly dead at the bottom of the steps where he’d deposited it.

As I was figuring out the plan on how to grab it before Quinn ran again it tried to wrap its tail around itself and hide its face. Very sad.  Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t keep an almost dead mouse disposal kit handy in my living room. Turns out Quinn the Destroyer didn’t intend to wait around for me to come up with something. He grabbed the mouse and, growling ferociously with every step, headed for the kitchen.

Good choice! There was a plastic container drying by the sink which I managed to slap down over the mouse the instant Quinn set it down, I think to start snacking. Okay, step one, isolate the bloody mess, complete.  Step two, slide something beneath it before Quinn realized he could simply give the container a swat and reclaim the mouse, was accomplished in just as long as it took me to pluck a magazine from the nearby table. Then all I needed to do was deactivate the alarm and toss the sad little creature out the door, into the rain.  No, it wasn’t quite dead but I couldn’t bring myself to kill it the rest of the way.  I seriously doubt it lasted long.  

I cleaned up the floors and went back to bed. Kya and Harry came with me so I was fairly certain the mouse hadn’t been hanging with any little friends.  Quinn, on the other hand, was angry.  He stomped around the house for an hour, grumbling and grumping the entire time.  If anyone had any right to be mad I think it should be Kya at Quinn.  She’d been playing downstairs the last few nights so I can’t help but wonder if she and the mouse had become buddies.

I’ve already told them that tonight we are sleeping peacefully, no interruptions.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 5, 2016