Friday, July 25, 2014


The plan for this weekend, besides for working, was to snag a double-smoked ham end and some new crop potatoes from market, pick string beans from one of the gardens I tend and cook up a huge kettle of ham and string beans.  Some for my lunches next week.  Some for the freezer.

Simple, right?  It should have been.  Howie and I parked at the veggie stand door so I picked them up first.  Some local corn on the cob too.  And a cantaloupe.  Kind of dumb since that all ended up being a bit heavy but oh well.  Off to the German butcher because that is the stand with the most flavorful ham and the only thing that will do when making ham and string beans.

Guess what?  They were out of ham.  Out. Of. Ham. As in there was none of any variety.  Huh?  In the 24 years I’ve been shopping there they have NEVER been out of ham.  Week after month after year I walk by and there has always been ham in the case.  Except for today.  Inconceivable!

As I was placing my order for next week I looked around.  The old man who is generally there was no where to be found.  Hmm.  I suspect that has something to do with it.  He’s not that old.  I’m hoping he was just on vacation and things will revert to normal soon.  If not, the kids who were there today better consult him and learn to do better with projecting how much of the various items they sell will be needed on a weekly basis.  My name was added to the bottom of a full notebook page of orders for next week.  Think how much potential lost business that is.  I ordered this time.  In the future I may not.

I went and picked the beans anyway.  They were ready so I had to.  I ended up blanching them and popping them in the freezer.  I figured I would need to do that anyway while I waited to have enough beans to fill the kettle.  Yes, I ate a few as I went, both raw while I was picking and cooked while letting them cool.  Had to!  And I’m sure I will again Tuesday when I go pick the next batch.

Happy weekend, all.  It’s summer.  Go have some fresh veggies!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Do It for Me...

I have to work but no reason you can't have some fun..  Do something outrageous!  And then be sure to come tell me about it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Dilemma

I spent much of my day reading a book.  One that I wrote that I have yet to submit to my editor.  It's been so long since I looked at it that I'd forgotten huge chunks so it was like reading something someone else wrote.  I was amazed to find myself enjoying it as much as I did.  Generally, I am very critical of my writing.  But, as I said, I don't remember writing much of this one.

What is it?  The fourth in my Cosmic Connections series, working title of Karma.  It's a bit different from my other books in that the heroine is just out of an abusive relationship.  I set it aside because I wasn't sure anyone would want to read it but now I'm reconsidering that notion.  Actually, I've decided I really like her!  At first I thought she may come across as being a bit weak but then I remembered the book starts with her getting out, deciding she wanted to live, deciding she was worth saving.  Do you  know how HUGE that is?  How much strength it takes to make that decision and stick to it?  Just my opinion and not because I wrote it but anyone who sees her as weak is someone who needs to get a clue.

So now I'm faced with the challenge of tidying it up, should I choose to submit it that is.  I'm still unsure about that.  Oh not because I doubt it is worthy of publication.  It is.  I'm just not sure I want to share it with the world but I've gone through that with every book I've ever sent out there.

Any thoughts?  Would you read it?  Have you read the beginning of the series?  In addition to this being Jesse's story it also ties up all the loose ends from the first three books.  I don't know.  I'll have to think about this some more.  Once I finish reading the rest of it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Combining Rants...

Last week I received my local Per Capita tax bill.  Previously it was $15.00.  Reasonable, right?  I thought so.  But last week, when I opened the envelope, I discovered the fee is now $30.00.  Yes, it doubled.  Granted, $15.00 is not a tremendous amount of money.  It’s the principle of the matter. 

What makes it even worse is something I heard on the radio two days ago.  The reasoning behind raising the amount, according to the report, was to encourage those who historically don’t bother paying, roughly 80% of those who should, to pay.  Huh?  Make a bill more expensive and people who haven’t paid in the past will suddenly fork over double the money?  I don’t buy it.  To me it seems that the 20% of us that do pay are once again getting screwed.

I heard the most negative campaign ad ever this morning.  It was presented by one of the candidates for governor of Pennsylvania.  It was so far beyond hateful and tasteless that I can’t believe the man who purportedly endorsed truly did.  He certainly shouldn’t have because all it served is to make him look bad, not the man he was slamming.

When did negative campaigning become so widely acceptable?  I know I’m showing my age by saying this but I remember when candidates used to attempt to garner votes by boasting about the good they’ve accomplished in their own careers rather than dissing their opponents.  Perhaps it’s just me but I liked it better back then.  I’m capable of forming my own opinion.  Tell me what makes you qualified for the office you’re running for, what your plan is to make things better and keep your mouth shut about the other guy.  He can tell me the same and then I’ll make up my mind on who I will vote for.  If the only thing you can do is trash the other guy then I have to wonder whether you’re in any way capable of filling the position.

Okay, rant over.  Happy weekend, all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Special Hello...

Many, many, many years ago I had a coworker turned friend who walked to work.  One afternoon, on my way home, we ended up at the same corner - me in my car, her on foot.  It was a drizzly day but the sun was starting to break through.  As we waited for the light to change this beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us.The next day we smiled about it.  

Years later, as she was dying from cancer, we were chatting and remembered the day with the rainbow.  She told me every time I saw one after she passed it would be her stopping by to say hi, that she'd really never be gone and I shouldn't be sad.  She visited today and, as always when there's a rainbow, I was filled with happy memories.

Hi Sandy!  Thanks for visiting today.  I miss you but you were right.  As long as there are rainbows, you will never be far from my heart.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Did You Know...

Some common companies are really acronyms?

Taser - Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle - The inventor, Jack Cover, named it after his favorite children’s book character, Tom Swift.

Yahoo! - Yet Another Hierarchal Office Oracle

Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity - It was named as a play on words with Hi-Fi, or high fidelity referring to the quality of sound coming from a speaker system.

Canola Oil - Canada Oil Low Acid

M&Ms - Mars & Murrie - This classic candy was named after Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie who began production of the candy for the military in WWII.

Smart Car - Swatch and Mercedes Art Car

Adidas - This famous sport brand got its name from the founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler. Adi had a bother, Rudolf, who went on to found Puma, Adidas’s competitor.

Zip Code - Zone Improvement Plan

Geico - Government Employees Insurance Company

CVS - Consumer Value Stores

So now you know.  Save these up for trivia tidbits and you’ll amaze people.  Happy weekend, all!  I'm going to go eat the veggies I just picked.