Friday, July 25, 2014


The plan for this weekend, besides for working, was to snag a double-smoked ham end and some new crop potatoes from market, pick string beans from one of the gardens I tend and cook up a huge kettle of ham and string beans.  Some for my lunches next week.  Some for the freezer.

Simple, right?  It should have been.  Howie and I parked at the veggie stand door so I picked them up first.  Some local corn on the cob too.  And a cantaloupe.  Kind of dumb since that all ended up being a bit heavy but oh well.  Off to the German butcher because that is the stand with the most flavorful ham and the only thing that will do when making ham and string beans.

Guess what?  They were out of ham.  Out. Of. Ham. As in there was none of any variety.  Huh?  In the 24 years I’ve been shopping there they have NEVER been out of ham.  Week after month after year I walk by and there has always been ham in the case.  Except for today.  Inconceivable!

As I was placing my order for next week I looked around.  The old man who is generally there was no where to be found.  Hmm.  I suspect that has something to do with it.  He’s not that old.  I’m hoping he was just on vacation and things will revert to normal soon.  If not, the kids who were there today better consult him and learn to do better with projecting how much of the various items they sell will be needed on a weekly basis.  My name was added to the bottom of a full notebook page of orders for next week.  Think how much potential lost business that is.  I ordered this time.  In the future I may not.

I went and picked the beans anyway.  They were ready so I had to.  I ended up blanching them and popping them in the freezer.  I figured I would need to do that anyway while I waited to have enough beans to fill the kettle.  Yes, I ate a few as I went, both raw while I was picking and cooked while letting them cool.  Had to!  And I’m sure I will again Tuesday when I go pick the next batch.

Happy weekend, all.  It’s summer.  Go have some fresh veggies!

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