Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm Sad

I moved into my house nearly 27 years ago. That first spring I began chatting with a neighbor a few doors down. Doris would often sit on her steps, reading the paper, waiting for family or just getting some air. She was always very pleasant. And interesting to talk with. Up until a month ago she could be found most days having lunch (and sometimes dinner too) at the bar on the corner Yesterday, she passed away. Doris was full of kindness and wisdom and had a truly beautiful soul. I will miss her. Without her the whole tone of my block will change.It simply won't be the same without her presence.

Friday, February 27, 2015

I Know

You don't believe this but Spring really is on the way.  And once Spring arrives fresh veggie season won't be far behind.  Here's something you might want to keep in mind.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SO Over It!!!

The post office that is.  I have been fighting with them since the start of the year.  The mail delivery at work went from 10:00 to non-existent.  Not acceptable!
The new carriers explained that they had their start time pushed back, that routes were reset and written in blood and they would be struck down by lightning should they attempt to deviate in order for the business I work for to get the mail in a timely manner.
Naturally, I have been calling.  Every. Day.  Sometimes, they answer.  More often they do not.  I emailed.  Hahahaha!  You can imagine the response I got to that.  It was almost polite but translated to tough luck.
I have been waiting for a box containing supplies to arrive.  Today, a week late, I got one of those orange slips, dated yesterday, saying I could come pick up my package.  Otherwise it would be returned on 2/23/15.  Weird, I actually got the mail yesterday.  A lot.  A full tub plus other packages balanced on top.  But okay, off to the post office I went, armed with not only my slip but two more for others at the same location.  Why all of us go out in the cold, right?
Mistake!!! It was a disaster, to say the least.  At one point I was wondering who I might call to bail me out after they called to have me forcibly removed.  Yeah, it nearly came to that.
After searching twice the moderately unpleasant woman at the counter did manage to find one of the packages.  The others?  This is what I was told.
a. I already picked up the packages. (One had my name on it.  I am positive I did not go get it previously.)
b. Someone named Jeff Whatsit told them to send them back (He was not there to speak with) even though the slips I had in my hand stated they will be returned on 2/23/15 if not picked up before then.
c. The secretary at that address keeps refusing all packages.  (No, I AM the secretary and I definitely have not rejected any packages this entire year.)
d. They were with the carrier yesterday and we weren't here to receive them. (See above - I got a bin full of mail with all sorts of things, including other packages)
e. They will be delivered today. (Today's mail was already delivered, that's where I found the slips. Other packages, not the ones associated with the slips.)
f. Wait until tomorrow, maybe we'll get them then.  (Not holding my breath on that one.)
I suspect I am now banned from the post office.  Oh hell yes, I kept asking to speak to someone higher up.  Didn’t work.  I went from counter person to extremely hateful woman who shlumped out of the back when paged.  Nope, didn’t give her name.  Didn’t give a damn either.  She said in our location the mail should be dropped off between 5 and 6.  The fact that it is a business that closes by 5 did not interest her in the least.
Yep, I am SO over them.  And they wonder why people are seeking alternate shipping methods.  Sheesh.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Have a Roku

Big deal, right?  I told you that months ago.  But you don’t get it.  I have a Roku!  Which means I can watch movies.  So?  So!  I can watch any movie that pops into my head, thanks to Amazon.  (Nope, don’t have Prime but renting the occasional movie is in my budget and yes, I am accepting gift cards toward getting Prime if you’d like to send one.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I have a Roku which is linked to Amazon video!  Today’s feature?  I should make you guess but I doubt you ever would.  So I’ll just tell you, shall I?  I shall!

Life Stinks.  Mel Brooks and Lesley Ann Warren.  Haven’t seen it in years and I love it!  It popped into my head yesterday but there was no time last night.  Today I have the rare afternoon off so here I am, a nice cup of Tiger Spice chai and my Roku all queued up, ready to go.  Ha!

If you’re not doing anything, go find it and we’ll watch it together.