Monday, August 31, 2009


My brother called the other day. When I answered the phone he not only identified himself by his full name but also as my brother. I had to fight really hard not to laugh. We don’t speak. Ever. But we do see each other at family functions a handful of times a year so I do recall his existence when I encounter him. I was so proud of myself for resisting the temptation to say “Who?”

While I was out and about over the weekend I noticed some trees that were starting to turn colors. Yay! I see that as a very good sign. I woke up this morning with the covers up to my nose and all the kitties in bed. Highly unusual especially since they weren’t attempting to kill each other. I think their toes were chilly. Kya’s turned out to be a morning snuggle bug. Cool. I’ll take waking up to soft purring any day rather than annoying alarm clock. Now to determine if she can tell time or not. My original cat, Taz could. I used to ask him to wake me at a certain time and he would. He was so consistent that I stopped setting the alarm clock altogether. I think it was because he hated the noise the alarm made too.

Today’s the first day of school for many local kids. I always used to love going back to school. I was one of the “good” kids which to me meant seeing how much I could get away with before someone realized it was me. Let’s just say it was a helluva lot and leave it at that, shall we? Yeah, it was a well-met challenge and I had a tremendous amount of fun. Never got caught either since I sat back and laughed while feigning all innocence and never told a soul I was involved in any way.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I went to the laundromat today. Never did that before. Yesterday I asked someone how it worked and how much money I would need. I felt dumb but better to ask a friend who laughs at me in a good natured way than go off and be an idiot in public.

So now I have fluffy towels again and the sheets I like best back on the bed. Overall, it wasn’t awful. But it is going to get old really fast. I may have to get me one of those mini netbooks to entertain myself with while I sit there. It was packed but as far as people-watching goes it was a rather bland bunch.

Maybe I need a different laundromat. Maybe I’ll go to a new one every week until I find the one with the most interesting crowd. Nah, I still like my original thought of moving to a new place where a dryer will fit instead.

I went for a walk yesterday and came across some fence posts in the middle of nowhere. It made no sense at all for them to be where they were. Three in a row with no evidence of there ever being more. I wonder if they were put there intentionally to make people like me wonder.

On my way home I spied some really awesome graffiti on the side of some boxcars. I tell you, that’s the way to go. It’s not defacing anything so no one should complain about it and it has the potential of being seen by many. Here’s just one of the cars.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Saga Continues

I’ve been sentenced to dryer hell.

Today’s set of delivery men was much better than yesterday’s. They measured and measured and mumbled and said no way but tried anyway. No, doesn’t fit even after my little demolition project of yesterday. But they were very helpful and told me what I needed to tell the store.

Unfortunately the folks at the store had no clue what the delivery guys were talking about. They insist it doesn’t exist. So, after being assured I would be credited the full amount for the dryer that didn’t fit by the warehouse people (which I don’t believe for a second), I wandered off to Home Depot because it was nearby. No luck.

Off to a fancy, full-priced appliance store. A very nice man with tremendous patience looked through every manufacturer there is and guess what. There is no gas dryer in existence that will fit down my steps. Electric, yes, but I’d need to hire an electrician to run a 220 line. Um, that’s not really feasible this week.

On to plan B. I think I’ll move to the beach and let the next people who live in my house deal with it. Seriously, this could be the last straw that gives me the push I need to get out of here. Stay tuned…

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not My Day

Nope, not at all. So tempted to just walk out on my life today I can taste the salt air.

The new dryer was to be delivered today. It was. It's currently sitting in my dining room. Fat lot of good it'll do me there. The guys who brought it, late of course, wouldn't even try to take it down the steps. I still maintain it would have fit just fine if they'd have just manned up and lifted it a little but no, I ended up doing some demolition work on something my ex added instead. Something that had absolutely no purpose other than to piss me off every time I looked at it. So yeah, demolishing it wasn't at all a bad thing. But now there's the annoyance factor of having to waste all day tomorrow waiting for them to come back. Grr. Just not my day.

On a much better note, my friend Regina Carlysle has a book releasing today. Ringo's Ride which is the third in her High Plains Shifter series. If you haven't read the first two you don't know what you're missing.

Blurb - Rayne dreamed of the day Ringo would claim her as his mate, changing her into the lycan she is meant to be. One touch from his hands burns her with a flame hot enough to scorch the Texas plains. But the moody lycan has made it clear he doesn’t want her. That’s just too damn bad! The sexy Latino lycan belongs to her and she aims to claim him, no matter what it takes.

Ringo hides the pain of his tortured past behind a menacing sneer. Learning that Rayne is meant to be his mate is unwelcome news. She deserves better than to be saddled with a man with his checkered past. It isn’t until she is taken from him that he knows she is the only woman who can heal his battered soul.

Excerpt - Ringo Ramone raced through the hot Texas night as if someone had lit a fire under his ass. He dodged rocks and prickly cactus, ignoring the heat that singed the pads of his paws, too furious to notice. Rage beat at him until he practically shook with it. He sniffed the ground in an effort to pick up the trail of the rogue lycans who’d stolen his mate.

His mate!


He’d always suspected Rayne Poteet might be the one but he hadn’t wanted that. For years he’d watched her from a distance, drawn to her sweetness, her beauty. He’d slunk around in the shadows, fighting off the feelings that twisted tightly in his chest every time she so much as spoke to him. He wasn’t an emotional man and didn’t plan on changing for any she-wolf, not even Rayne. Besides, she was too good for the likes of him. He was a motherless son of a rat-bastard traitor and that’s all he’d ever be.

The huge black wolf stopped and panted. How much ground had he covered since leaving the ranch house to hunt down the men who’d taken her? Tonight they’d had a barbecue for the town of Cloverfield. It had been a happy time and, Lord knew, he’d seen too few of those in his many years. His alpha Joe McKinnon, and Quinn, the daughter of their former alpha, were celebrating their Consummation Ceremony when it all went down. Like a bunch of raving idiots, the males of the pack had been lured by rogue lycans to the south pasture while others had circled back to the ranch to steal away their unmated females.


She was his predestined mate. He hadn’t known it until tonight and then, in one instant of stupidity, she’d been taken before he’d had time to absorb it all. Spotting a grove of mesquite in the distance, he loped over, shifting as he ran. Naked, dripping with sweat, he leaned against the rough bark and closed his eyes. Ringo couldn’t help it. The look on her face tonight as the knowledge of their empathic connection, the proof they were a meant to be a mated pair, had gone through him like a blast from a flamethrower. Her pretty, sherry-colored eyes had gone wide as energy sizzled between them.

His cock thickened as he remembered.

Damn his horny ass!

This wasn’t the time.

Shifting back into his wolf, he took off again, scenting the air. Off in the distance, he spotted an old line shack at the edge of the ranch property. If worse came to worst, he could bring her to it. It was kept fully stocked with provisions.

Ringo continued on, running endlessly across the empty stretch of prairie. Suddenly, he spotted it. A low campfire was flickering in the predawn darkness, shooting up occasional sparks. Laughter. Male laughter. His heightened senses picked up the sound of Rayne’s breathing. It was accelerated.

A truck was parked at the very edge of the meager light and two naked men sat on the ground several yards from where Rayne lay, trussed up like a Christmas turkey. Her clothes were a mess and there were scratches on her legs. Her copper-colored hair was spread across the dusty ground like a pool of sunshine and he got a glimpse of her bare white belly and the tiny red panties she wore.

“What are we gonna do with her? Zavalos must be dead. He hasn’t shown up like he was supposed to.”

The other lycan stood and, planting his fists on his hips, stared across the fire at Rayne. Ringo lowered his body closer to the ground and moved slowly toward them, listening.

“Something went wrong. I feel it,” he said. “Let’s load her into the truck and head south. We can’t wait out here anymore. It’ll be morning soon.”

“Please. Let me go,” Rayne said.

Ringo’s heart thumped then sped in his chest at the sound of her voice. Just hearing it threatened to send him to his knees.

“Can’t do that, Red.” This from the man who was crouched before the fire. “Our pack is short on unmated females and you’ll have to come with us.”

“But I-I am,” she stammered. “I have a mate.”

The lycan who stood stalked toward her and, grabbing her shoulders, jerked her upright and slapped her. The crack of it shredded the quiet.

Red rage clouded Ringo’s mind. His fur bristled. They would die this night for trespassing on what was his. His snarl of outrage made his prey go still. With death and destruction on his mind, he leaped.

* * * * *

The first lycan had thrown her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and run with her into the night to where a truck waited. A second man had bound her hands and feet with duct tape and covered her mouth with it too. Callously they’d tossed her into the bed of the truck and driven off. She heard the cries of the McCafferty sisters and wanted to scream her outrage. They were just girls really, no older than seventeen. No doubt they were being handled in the same sickening manner. A second truck, carrying the girls, went in another direction.

Oh gods!

There was no way in hell she could help them.

Terrified, shaken beyond anything in her experience, she’d lain there as tears leaked from her eyes. All she could see was the smattering of stars overhead. All she could hear was the sound of the truck engine and the wind as it whistled by. Closing her eyes, she prayed for Ringo.

Yes, she was lycan but not yet fully in working order, so to speak. She’d yet to shift and only tonight had it been revealed that Ringo, the lanky, dark wolf with the blacker–than-sin eyes was hers.


Finally. After all these years of hoping and praying that he was the one who would have an unbreakable psychic connection with her, the wish had come true. He would come for her. She knew it.

They’d barely touched tonight at the barbecue at the Wolf Creek Ranch. Big Joe McKinnon, the pack’s new alpha had taken Quinn, his newly consummated mate by the hand. Joy propelled Rayne to her feet as she took a step through the crowd and toward the bandstand where the couple had gone to make an announcement. Suddenly, she brushed against six foot four inches of steely-hard muscle. She smelled the familiar scent of clean, masculine cologne and stared into the black eyes that featured prominently in most of her dreams.

“Ringo,” she gasped as his hands reached out to steady her.

“Steady there, darlin’.”

He sucked in a breath and so did she. Their eyes connected and held.

Around her the world narrowed dramatically as a low buzz of energy zipped through her system. Instantly her panties were drenched and a ball of lust tightened low in her belly. Her first thought was to press her thighs together to soothe the harsh ache in her pussy. “Wha—”

“Fuck. No. This can’t be happening,” Ringo murmured huskily. He released her as if burned and shoved his fingers through his thick, black hair. His nostrils flared. His breath whipped in and out of his lungs as if he he’d run a race.

Rayne could do nothing but stare. Ringo’s eyes narrowed on her seconds before he grabbed her arm and ushered her toward the kitchen door of the house. His grip was strong but she didn’t mind. Even a simple touch from him set her on fire. In the distance she heard shouts of “Happy consummation” from the lycan population of Cloverfield, Texas. But then she heard nothing because Ringo led her through the door, pressed her against the wall and took her mouth with a hunger she’d never experienced before. Those lips, that to others might seem cruel, softened over hers and then he nipped her bottom lip. “This can’t be happening. It can’t be you.”

He regretted her. He didn’t want her.

Click here to buy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kreativ Blogging

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled blog post yet again, today for silliness - I've received the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you to Danielle Thorne for thinking of me.

Because I've won, I get to post seven things you probably don't know about me and nominate seven new blogs of my choice.

7 Things You Never Knew (About Me):

1. My day job is at a halfway house for criminals with drug and alcohol issues.

2. I once dressed up in costume and walked into the English class where my mother was giving a quiz as the ghost of a character from the book they were reading. She pretended she didn’t know I was there as I wandered around, peeking over their shoulders and whispering to them.

3. My cats have always named themselves.

4. I don’t like green peas plain but I have to have them in beef stew and vegetable soup.

5. When I was a kid I collected feathers for my dad who used them when he tied fly fishing flies.

6. I had a really cool pen name picked out but decided not to use it just to upset my mother. It horrifies her to think her friends might discover what I write.

7. I have 18 different colors of Crocs.

Okay, now for my nominations:

1. Surfing the Meridian

Kerri Anne’s Blog

3. Smut Girl

Taking Romance to the Edge

The Mystic Valley-Camelot Herald

Molly’s Musings

AJ Llewellyn’s Blog

Now, the rules are supposed to be:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. (Thanks, Danielle!)

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link the logo to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

5. Nominate 7 Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

However, I am changing them. Yeah, always have had a bit of trouble following rules. Since I hate to put anyone on the spot, I’ve decided nominating anyone else is optional. I enjoy your blogs and hope everyone stops by to check them out. Pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award if you choose to. Tell us whatever you want about yourself, whether it’s seven things or seventeen. Just have fun please. We all need more of that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's my release day for Questing so I'm permitting myself to play. Therefore, you get a sample of my poetry. No, not the sad stuff. The other stuff. Mwahahaha!


If you are reading this
I must be dead
For it was tucked away
In the envelope marked
“Burial Instructions”.
As to that,
Dispose of me as you wish.
I’m dead.
What do I care what you do with me?
But before you do anything
Crack open my skull
And extract the device embedded in my brain.
View the holograms of my demise.
Know me in death as you never could in life.
Watch and learn who I really was
Not who you thought me to be.
See how I crept through the alleyways
Stalking those who preyed on the innocents among us.
I walked in the shadows
Waiting to scent the rising lust of a would-be slaughter.
Oh there was slaughter all right.
Just not the originally intended victims.
Not if I could help it.
And even after,
If I was too late,
There was added carnage before the night was through.
No, my deeds never made it to the public eye.
I was far too thorough for that.
When I was through there wasn’t enough left to identify the predators.
I made sure of it.
A pile of slush washed away in the next rain was all there ever was.
Sorry I can’t tell you how many kills I’ve made
How many hunts I’ve orchestrated.
At last count there were 342
But so much has happened since then
I couldn’t keep track of it all.
You’ll see when you watch.
I wonder who did me in.
Must have been some nasty fuck, that’s for sure.
Anything less didn’t stand a chance.
Talk amongst yourselves as you view my life’s work.
Study my technique.
Learn all you can.
Someone needs to step up and take my place.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ta Da!

Releasing Wednesday from Ellora's Cave, Questing, the first in my Cosmic Connections series.


Jordan McKade knows Kiley Fisher is his destiny the second he sees her. She, however, needs a lot more time to accept it. The last thing he wants to do is scare her away before she’s ready and it takes more self-control than he ever thought he possessed not to blurt out how desperately he wants to fuck her no matter how true it is.

Kiley’s problem isn’t that she doesn’t want him. It’s that she’s intimidated by the super sexy Jordan with his overwhelming business success and his voice that is so sinfully sensual she is ready to come every time he speaks to her.

When a no-good crook uses Kiley in his nefarious plans to save his own ass, Jordan comes to her rescue which finally lands them in a setting where they can no longer resist each other and the chemistry that’s been slowly building between them ignites in an inferno of passion.

Excerpt - Adult Content

“Do you know I can practically feel it everywhere you look at me? How can I be so excited, so ready for you when you haven’t touched me yet?”

“The same way I am.”

“Oh yeah,” she giggled.

“You’re beautiful, Kiley. I could look at you forever.”

“Oh really?” She smiled seductively. “Just look, not touch?” She backed away and slowly turned all the way around. “You make me feel like doing things I’ve never imagined even wanting to.”

“Like what?” Jordan was fascinated.

“Well, like last night. The thought of touching myself in front of someone…of actually wanting to do it again.” Kiley lifted her breasts to him, caressing herself, squeezing her nipples before she slid her palms down her sides, over her hips, finally settling on her thighs. “Did you like last night, Jordan?” She inched her hands between her legs.

“You know I did.”

Jordan groaned when she slid her fingers along her slit, dipping one in inside only to remove it quickly and put it in her mouth. “Hmm, I liked that better on your tongue.”

“Kiley.” Jordan reached for her but she took another step backward.

“Hold on, Jordan. I’m getting an idea here.” She smiled again. “I liked tasting you too. I’m wondering what we’d taste like together. Would you be too sensitive for me to lick right after you come?”

She was killing him. “Immediately after, yes but if you let me rest inside you for a minute I could probably take it.”

“Good. I wonder why I want to do these things with you?”

“Because you know I love you.”

“Could be. Or maybe I trust you and know I can do anything without needing to be afraid of you hurting me.”

“You’re right about that. You may drive me absolutely wild but I’ll never hurt you no matter how savage you make me feel.”

“I never had a conversation with an erect, naked man before. I think this turns me on.”

“Do you have frequent conversations with naked, limp men?”

“No,” she giggled.

“That’s because no man could ever be limp with you naked.”

“Do I really make you feel wild, Jordan?” She was walking around the table.

“Hell yes, Kiley!”



“Do you want me right now?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you want to be inside me, filling me, feeling me clenching around you?”

“Kiley,” he growled.

“Would you push all the way in and then slide almost out? Would you pump into me over and over, harder and faster until I screamed from the pleasure you gave me?”

“Oh my God.”

“When you feel me come, would you lose control and come too? Deep inside me?”

“Hell yes.”

“I’m so wet, Jordan. Just thinking about it makes me so hot, so ready for you. I never felt so sexual or so desirable. I can see that you’re barely able to stand there and not take me. You want to be in me so much, don’t you?”

“Damn it, Kiley. Stop pushing me!”

“Why? Can I push you too far? What happens if I do? Will you ravish me? Toss me on the floor and do what we both want?”

“Stop, Kiley. Please.”

“No, Jordan. You make me wild too. I’ve never felt like this before. I want to try everything with you. Everything from tender lovemaking to lusty, out of control sex.” She rolled her nipples between her fingers again. “Will you be uncontrolled for me now, Jordan?”

“Don’t do this, Kiley. Once we start, we’ll have to ride it out.”

“Ooh, ride it out. That’s it! I’ve never done this either but,” she moved in front of him and turned to lie facedown across the table, “Ride me, Jordan,” she urged, resting on her forearms, peeking over her shoulder.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I read an article today about late blight which is affecting local tomatoes and potatoes. There’s usually some around here and there but partly do to the wetter, cooler summer, it’s much more widespread than normal. And apparently there’s more than one strain around too. This year it’s also being found on eggplants and peppers.

So you know, blight first appears on tomato leaves as a brown spot with white fungus on the upper surface. There’s much more fungus on the underside of the leaves. It spreads to the fruit as brown or black spots. On the heavily infested tomatoes there’ll be a mold-like substance inside.

The best way to control it, according to the article, is to inspect your plants thoroughly and often. Pull any that are showing signs of blight. Do not toss them on your compost heap. That’ll allow the pathogens that cause the blight to spread. Instead, put the plants in a plastic bag and then discard or bury at least two feet deep. You could also use pesticides but be sure you follow the precaution warning closely. And do you really want to eat tomatoes after they’re sprayed with something that you have to wear a biohazard suit to apply?

If you’re doing any canning, make sure you use fruit with limited or no disease although the USDA claims eating the fungus will not really hurt you. Um, okay. That’s something I prefer not to find out. I’m not much of a tomato person to begin with so going without this year is no hardship for me personally.

However, blight spreads quickly and easily and can wipe out entire crops in no time. People live for their homemade sauce and that’s a real shame because many will not get to make it this year.

For more information, click here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Out

I was weeding my yard this weekend since it finally cooled down a bit. Okay, cool is an exaggeration but I could go out there without passing out in five minutes. Over the past few weeks I haven’t been able to say that so this weekend was it. After this it’ll be one more time to get ready for winter. As much as I enjoy my flowers I do so love the sound of that.

Yesterday was uneventful. I quit because I used the last trash bag. Yeah, I know. Supposed to check that first, before starting to work but it was still hot and I was sweaty so it seemed a good excuse to go in.

Today, after going to the store, I was determined to finish. I did the hard part yesterday so it should have been easy. Well it was for the most part but there’s a little section I didn’t get weeded.

Why not? No, I’m not lazy. I ran into a snag and it won. Now I know what’s been making the magnificent webs I’ve been seeing all summer. I decided I upset it enough, destroying all its handiwork and it seemed somewhat agitated so I left it in peace for the afternoon. I did give fair warning that I’d be back next weekend to finish and suggested it move to a patch I’ve already weeded so hopefully it will.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pardon the Interruption

Sorry but reality intruded in a harsh way today and I need to ramble. Years ago I had a friend, an adopted niece I cared a great deal about. She was, is a sweet kid with a sweet kid of her own. Not long after she had her daughter it was discovered she has a brain tumor. She’s had a lot of trouble over the years but is once again in remission.

One of the main things that saving her life has done is steal most of her memory. You know the movie Fifty First Dates? It’s not funny when it’s the life of someone you know. Anyway, due to circumstances I’d rather not discuss, T and I had a parting of the ways. Her choice, not mine. Even though she doesn’t remember me most of the time I still care, foolishly perhaps.

She called today as she does from time to time when she forgets we don’t associate any longer. We had a conversation like we used to back when we were close. Great but it brought up a lot of painful memories for me, memories that perhaps she’s lucky not to share.

It always throws me when she reappears like this even though I know it’s going to happen every now and then. Perhaps I should become cold enough to not answer when I see it’s her calling but what if something’s really wrong, like her tumor’s growing again?

Sometimes life just sucks and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just For Me

There was a storm today. It had been hot and too muggy to breathe when all of the sudden the sky got black. The wind started to whip and everyone outside went scurrying. I’ll never understand that one. My first reaction is to go outside. I want to be out there, playing in it, letting the power unleash around me.

The storm broke. There were sheets of rain flung about by the wind partly obscuring the building across the way. I heard constant rumbling thunder and couldn’t wait for the lightning to get here. Sadly, it never really did though I could smell the ozone. Watching the storm, even from inside energized me in a way that nothing else ever does.

I was feeling a little blah earlier and that was exactly what I needed. It was a present, conjured just for me. The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect is if I could have been out in it instead of watching from the window. Still, it was damn good and I’m smiling again. Thank you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My mind that is. Well, mostly. Or should I say it’s not like it usually is in there. Generally there are about 87 different things going on all at once. Me, my characters, the others that sometimes occupy my head. But today it’s quiet. Almost as if we’re all waiting for something. No idea what it may be and frankly, I’m too tired to worry about it.

Odds are what’s coming won’t be good but what if just this once, it is? What if it’s something spectacular? What a waste it would be to use up all sorts of stress and worry and then have it turn out to be unfounded. Therefore, I’m not going to. I’m going to relinquish my normal stance of wanting to know what next and just let whatever is going to happen, happen. Not like I really stand much of a chance of stopping it anyway, is there?

So now what the heck am I going to do with myself tonight since I won’t be poking at contingencies and examining probabilities? Dunno. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did You Know?

There’s a cardboard tube fighting league. The league has several branches throughout the western United States and in Australia. There’ve been tournaments held in Washington DC but the city has yet to establish its own organization.

Each branch hosts events during the summer, generally in a public park. They are free and open to everyone aged five and up. Regulation tubes, 1.5”diameter, 36”length by .045mm thick, are provided at all events. The emphasis on all gatherings is fun rather than competition.

The way it works is simple. In a tournament, the last person with an unbroken tube wins. That’s defined as a tube held out horizontally with the end dipping at less than a 45 degree angle. In a battle it’s the last team with a usable tube that is the victor. Cardboard costumes are donned and awarded prizes. Armor is permissible, shields are not.

Even though these events are not to be taken seriously since the founder of the organization did so to give people a way to laugh at themselves, there are still a few rules. No swinging arms or body slamming. No stabbing. No lunges involving tubes. No aiming for an opponent’s face. Only official CTFL tubes are allowed. No blocking of a tube with anything other than your tube. Once a tube is broken, fighting must cease immediately. If you want to know more check out their website.

Okay, now that you know about it, go out and have some fun. I’ll see you there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easily Entertained

Do you remember the Maxwell House commercial? The little song that was played as the coffee dripped? I met an individual today whose claim to fame was being able to perform that ditty by hitting his throat with a pencil while opening and closing his mouth to form the various tones. It’s a skill he developed back in junior high school and one he still prides himself on. He’s 56.

I don’t know why he felt the need to share that with me. I thought it best not to ask. I did, however, enquire as to whether he could perform anything else. His response was that he had never really tried. Of course, since I asked, he had to. Then he added a second pencil in the other hand. That confused things and he kept hitting himself when he didn’t really want to.

By the time he wandered off, his throat was red like someone had been beating on him. Well, I guess technically, someone had. He left with instructions to go home and practice and then report back with his progress. And you know what? I bet he really will.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Need A Kid

No, not like that. I have a technical gizmo question and I’ve discovered that the easiest way to find out about any of that sort of stuff is to ask a child. They grew up with this stuff so they know it. Oh, I’m sure I could figure it out myself but why go to all that trouble and aggravation when it’s not necessary?

I want a new cell phone when my plan is up in February. I do very limited things with my phone but I want it to do them very well. I could have done all sorts of research and made my brain hurt by the time I was through. Instead I chatted with the neighbor kid for three minutes and now know everything I need to know.

My laptop came with a wireless feature. I’m sure it’s easy. I just have no idea how it works. Which is why I need a kid. I bet there’s a button or a switch somewhere. I just don’t know where it is. And what do I do once I push it? Sigh. I’m such a moron when it comes to this sort of thing.

Anybody have a kid I can borrow for five minutes?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost It

My mind, that is. Or what little was left of it.

Why? I made corn pie today. Baked it and everything. I do that once a year and it always seems to be on the hottest day. Yeah, today qualifies. But damn, it’s good! Worth the mess and added heat.

I went for a wander in Charles Evans again yesterday after I decided it would be better to save climbing around under the bridge for another day. It was weirdly peaceful yet noisy as hell. The cicadas were out full force, loud enough to drown out any of the street noises that can usually be heard there. It was also deserted. Just me and the spirits.

I let them lead me in my strolling and they guided me to some pretty cool trees. I think they must like them too. There is a most amazing oak grove. I swear one of the trees is at least twelve feet around. If you’re ever in Reading, you really should go for a meander.

It was surprisingly cool there so I hung out in the gazebo for a bit. I really need to start carrying a book in the car because it is the perfect spot to curl up and read. I can’t decide if people actually have some respect due to the location or if the grounds crew just does that good a job. Probably both.

Even so, it was too hot to head back there today. It’s too hot to do much of anything so I’m not now that I’ve got dinner for the week taken care of. I started True Blood yesterday. Yep, I get why my friends can’t miss it now. Maybe I’ll watch another episode of that.

Stay cool. It’s going to be a very bad week.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I went off this morning to get me a new dryer. Easier said than done. I started out at Lowes. Nope, no luck. All too wide to fit down my steps. Why is nothing in my life ever easy?

After sitting there in the parking lot, mumbling to Howie, I decided to try Sears. Enter salesman Kevin. Poor Kevin wandered all around the department with me, measuring things just in case the specs on the sign were a little bit off. They weren’t. Then he flipped through his handy dandy book. Still no luck. He checked on line, in case there was something that they didn’t have in the store but could order for me. The only choice there was an apartment sized dryer that was about half the capacity of real ones and no power so things would take forever to dry.

Back to the handy dandy book. Yes, I asked him to look again. I muttered my finder charm and guess what! There was a dryer that was only half an inch too big that came in a gas model as well as electric. He was completely perplexed as he was sure he’d checked all of them the first time. No, I didn’t explain.

It’s ordered. A tad too big but Kevin says it comes with two delivery/installation guys and they are just going to have to lift it three-quarters of the way down the steps. That’s when the upper wall ends and there’s space to angle it. If they do that, it’ll fit. I, of course, am going to play real dumb and claim innocence about knowing that is the only way it’ll get to the basement. Once Kevin stopped shaking his head at me he decided it was a good idea.

I left, with a promise to give him an excellent rating on my customer service survey. Oh, I gave him a bookmark for his wife that had him grinning at her possible reaction. Yeah, I like that.

I came home by way of Riley’s to report my success and ended up under the Schuylkill Avenue Bridge. Here are the new murals they just finished. Pretty cool. I have to go back one day with real shoes because there is some really great graffiti under the middle of the bridge that I’d need to climb down a bank to get to. Hmm, better let someone know where I’m going that day too since I’m likely to end up on the train tracks following the river into the abandoned Rockwell yard that’s chained off from the street side. Anyone want to come along?

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wish

I could write Haiku. Good Haiku that is. I get the pattern. I can string together words that fit. Just not good words.

Over the past few months I’ve been writing poetry again. Haven’t done that since high school. I’ve improved tremendously. Back then the things I wrote sucked really, really bad. Seriously bad as in I cringed reading it bad even though I was the one who wrote it. Now I only sorta suck. I have a half decent line now and then. Some of it I’ve even been brave enough to post on a site with real poets without total embarrassment. But I am the first to admit that I have a long, long way to go, if ever, before I’d ever label myself as a poet.

With the help of a friend’s amazing talent, I’ve also rediscovered my love for reading poetry. Lance Cheuvront. Remember that name, people for his writing is truly something to behold. I guarantee that he will come to be one of the best known poets of this era. Click here, peruse all the posts and I’m sure you’ll agree. Powerful words this man writes. He creates images like no other and takes readers right along wherever he decides to go. Go read. You’ll see what I mean. Leave him some comments so he knows you’ve visited.

Have a good weekend and write some bad Haiku for me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I walked through a rainbow
The magic soaked into my soul as the rain saturated my skin
Clouds above
Brilliant blue sky to the west
I stood in the sunbeam and breathed it in
Spellbound by its beauty.

And then I realized that once again I was standing in the middle of the street with people on a nearby porch watching me. Damn. Not the first time I’ve done that and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Hell, by now they should be used to me halting trance-like in the mist. Hey, at least I retained the fact that I was in a very public place and managed to keep my clothes on. Yeah, sometimes that one slips my mind.

Long before my hair dried I felt the effects kicking in. Like my kitties on catnip. It took all I had to control my giddy giggles this afternoon. I don’t know what it is about it but standing in the rain, even without the rainbow, does that to me.

I hope you have a good evening whatever you do. Me? I’m off to enjoy the residuals before they fade away completely.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Late

I know. Sorry. But I have a semi-good excuse.

It’s my birthday and the wonderful Riley and hubby whisked me away to dinner at Blind Hartman's. And they surprised me with Eva May’s mom who I haven’t had a chance to hang out with in ages. Truly fun bunch! See? Told ya I had reason.

Ooh, wait'll you hear this. Remember the other day when I was yammering on about what to watch next? And I said that True Blood was recommended? Well my awesome friends, the illustrious R & S sent me season one. Am I spoiled or what? Thanks again, ladies.

Got a present from Ellora’s Cave too. Well, not for my birthday and not exactly a present but it was a cool surprise to come home to. My author copies of Questing which releases on August 26th. More on that when it gets closer.

To top things off my head is better and the weather is cooler so it should stay that way. Yup, today was a good day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It’s Tuesday. Still too hot to think.

I know. I’m being a total wuss about this but it’s been a fairly cool summer so I’m moderately spoiled. So far, my head hasn’t hurt all that much. Until yesterday so now I’m suffering. I swear this week is going to kill me. Haven’t worked up the nerve to try the new meds yet. I took the old ones so now I have to wait a day because even with as much as it hurts today I really don’t feel like dying this week. I have things to do.

I saw a bumper sticker on my way to work this morning. “Mean People Suck” Yes, I have to agree with that. I’d like to make up a variation and stick on a few foreheads I know while they’re asleep. “Mean Person. I Suck.” Anybody want some?

It’s so hot the guys with the vanilla caramel flans haven’t been out on the street corner. I suppose they’d melt even though they keep them in coolers. Too bad because I’d really like to have one. I’ve been trying to summon them to appear on my doorstep but I’m having the same luck with them as I did the ice cream truck last week. Zilch.

Oops, forgot to post the nonsense warning at the beginning of this today. Oh well. I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now. If not, you’re even sadder than I am. Maybe we should start our own club. Make people jealous and then they’ll want to be just like us.

On that note, it’s time for me to go replenish my ice packs. They don’t last long these days. Come back tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll find something equally unfascinating to ramble about.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Odds & Ends

Nonsense alert. It’s too hot and humid to think for real.

The city painted over the graffiti under the Oley Street Bridge so I’m glad I was there when I was. I know it’s now a blank canvas again and therefore irresistible but I’m glad I got a close look at what was there.

I noticed new murals under the Schuylkill Avenue Bridge. Again done by local kids and pretty darn cool. I’ll have to go back and take some pics for you. No, before you ask, I do not hang out under local bridges. My travels naturally take me that way and I’m trying not to be completely unconscious to my surroundings as I so often am.

Do you know anyone like that? I get so involved in what’s going on within my mind that I will go right past people without even noticing them. I won’t remember how I got somewhere. Good thing Howie can navigate on his own. The last car would drive right by the end of my street without turning to take me home.

I woke up in the middle of the night to purring on my pillow. Kya finally discovered it’s soft and cushy there. She’s got a huge purr for such a little bit of a kitty. Of course as soon as I tickled her she had to walk across my face but that’s a kitten for you. That made Harry jealous so he had to come walk around on top of the rest of me. Which caused Kya hop off the bed. And that upset Quinn who is her self-appointed protector so he had to come investigate only to annoy Harry because Quinn is not permitted on his bed. Yep, went from purring to fur flying in about three minutes. So much for sleeping. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I’ve been watching the second season of Early Edition. Remember that show? A guy got the newspaper a day ahead of time and then ran all over Chicago saving people and changing the paper? Harmless fun. I only have a few episodes left and then I’ll have to wait for season three to come out. Hmm, what to watch in the mean time? I’ve been told I need to see True Blood but that could be too current for me. I do have some movies I’ve been meaning to watch. Maybe this would be a good time to dig into them. I’ll let you know if I see anything good.

Okay, going now. Stop cheering. I warned you up front this was total nonsense today. I wasn’t kidding. Stay cool. It’s going to be an awful week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reading Fair

I went off to the fair yesterday. I'm a dismal failure. There were too many choices so I ended up having just lemonade. No funnel cake. No waffles and ice cream. No sausage and peppers. No pulled pork sandwich. No gyro. No corn on the cob. Just lemonade. Sigh.

There was weirdness walking around the animals. The cows licked me. The sheep and goats chewed on me. And I upset the pigs. Every time I stopped to look at one, it would hop up and start snuffling. If I didn't offer my hand, it would squeal like I was killing it. I finally had to leave that area because people were looking to see what I was doing to them.

Somehow I missed the exhibits. They were in the 4H building next the the fairgrounds and I never found the sign. But I did wander around the old tractors and what Reading Fair wouldn't be complete without a display of stock cars.

And of course there were all the typical rides. Plus one that, I don't know, seemed a little tacky to me. When did the Titanic become fun?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yeah, It's Like That

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Sighs

For the past few days I’ve been wanting ice cream at night. It’s summer. Ninety degrees. Humid. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the time when the ice cream trucks should be making their rounds? But have they? Nope. Not a once.

So frustrating. I started out wanting a vanilla malt milkshake. Progressed to a dusty road sundae. Now I’d really like some soft serve with chocolate sprinkles. Alas, they are yet again nowhere to be seen. I haven’t heard the ding or the silly songs in the distance. I haven’t been stuck behind them in my travels. They’ve vanished off the face of the planet.

Ah ha! That’s it. The explanation of where all the ice cream trucks have gone. They’ve been abducted by sugar-deprived aliens. Whisked away to the far reaches of the universe. Where oh where is Dr. Who when you need him? He could easily ensconce me in the TARDIS and take us hurtling after them. We could feast on all the ice cream we wanted and then be transported back within five seconds after departing. But is he around either? No, of course not.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Especially when it’s too hot to be proactive and go in search of the coveted ice cream instead of wiling away the hours, waiting for it to appear at my door.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inhumanity At Its Worst

A dear friend of mine had a very heart wrenching experience yesterday. It’s too heinous to ignore so I need to share it with you. Stop by her blog as I’m sure she’s talking about it too.

Friend and fellow author, Taylor Tryst lives near the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota. Last night, in the middle of the night, she heard gun shots. This morning, her mom went outside and on their porch was a wounded, starved dog.

Bad enough that someone thought it would be okay to toss this animal away in the first place. People, have some sense. Pets cannot survive on their own in the wild. But then, to make it worse, some unknown jerk decided to use the dog for target practice. And half missed.

Taylor and her mom loaded up the pooch in their car and took her to the closest shelter, the Beltrami Humane Society in Bemidji, MN. They were turned away. Yes, turned away after showing the woman on duty that the dog was injured. They were told the shelter was full and there was no vet on duty to deal with an injured animal.

I have a real problem with this one. All right, suppose there wasn’t a vet available. Human Societies also have vet techs and one of them could have at the very least put the dog out of its misery. It wouldn’t have needed a space in the shelter had they done that. I have trouble believing there wasn’t someone they could call in for an emergency. I don’t know about you but to me, a critter that has been shot is an emergency.

It was left to Taylor and her family to do the humane thing with the poor dog. How absolutely horrible is that? There they were, trying to do the right thing, helping a creature in need, cleaning up someone else’s mess and they’re treated like that and forced to deal with it themselves. Click on the shelter name above to express your anger.

This is wrong. On so many levels, so very wrong. I’m angry and hurt for my friend and the dog and the only thing I can think to do at this point is get it out there so you’re aware of the problem too. Check with your neighborhood shelters please. Let them know what is happening out there. Maybe if we all join together we can make a difference.

Pets love us. They depend on us. They deserve better than this. Thank you for trying, Taylor. The world needs more people willing to get involved as you have.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Odd

As you know I was roaming around town the other day. While I was out and about, I stumbled across two things that made me wonder.

The first was this ram. He’s in a deserted office in a building that hasn’t been in use in years. I looked and there was nothing else of note left over. Just the ram and the flag. There’s no indication of what sort of industry used to occupy this space but I really can’t imagine knowing that would help the ram to make sense. I also wondered why they didn’t take him with them when they left. Unless his presence is somehow magical and keeps the building from being vandalized. Other than the cracked window and a little graffiti it seems fine so perhaps that’s it.

The other was this gorilla who was strung up in what appeared to be a tire business yard. Although I’m not entirely sure it was a business because there weren’t any signs, just lots and lots of tires. It might be one of those places that everyone just knows about so they don't need to advertize. There were people milling about but I really didn’t feel it would be a good idea to question them, judging by the looks I was getting. There was also a huge stuffed chicken on a stool but it was inside the fence with his back to me and there wasn’t an easy way to take a picture of him for you. I bet there is a story behind these critters. Maybe I’ll go back one day when there is less of a crowd and ask.

So what about you? Ever wander around your neighborhood and see what odd stuff you can find? If not, it’s time to start. Then you can come back and tell us about it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

That Time Again

It’s fair season. Today marks the beginning of the Reading Fair. It runs now through Saturday and there’s plenty to see and do all for the low, low price of $10.00. That gets you parking, admission, rides and entertainment for the entire day.

There are exhibits with ribbons awarded including crafts, vegetables, baked goods, livestock and line dancing, shows from musical to lions and tigers, a variety of dirt track races from go-karts to monster trucks and all the junk food you can imagine.

When I was a kid, this even was held at the original Reading Fairgrounds, now paved over and the site of the Fairgrounds Mall. Then, for a few years it was held in the mall parking lot with various exhibits scattered throughout the mall. Yeah, did that seem just wrong. Now, it’s moved just outside of town to a very pretty area, the kind of place you think fairs should be held.

I haven’t decided if I’m going or not. That’ll be determined by how hot and muggy it is this week. But if it’s a nice day and you’re in the area let me know. I’ll be happy to join you.

For more information click here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Other Art

I know, I know. Many people don't consider graffiti art. Well, I disagree. My opinion and I'm entitled to it. It's informal art and some of it is fantastic. It's interesting and never fails to make me wonder. And some of the places it turns up in, whew. I don't see how they manage. As I was wandering I got to thinking. If I were to become a graffiti artist and there are no real worries of that happening, I decided I would specialize in trains. Then my tags would end up all over everywhere and who knows who might see them.