Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Out

I was weeding my yard this weekend since it finally cooled down a bit. Okay, cool is an exaggeration but I could go out there without passing out in five minutes. Over the past few weeks I haven’t been able to say that so this weekend was it. After this it’ll be one more time to get ready for winter. As much as I enjoy my flowers I do so love the sound of that.

Yesterday was uneventful. I quit because I used the last trash bag. Yeah, I know. Supposed to check that first, before starting to work but it was still hot and I was sweaty so it seemed a good excuse to go in.

Today, after going to the store, I was determined to finish. I did the hard part yesterday so it should have been easy. Well it was for the most part but there’s a little section I didn’t get weeded.

Why not? No, I’m not lazy. I ran into a snag and it won. Now I know what’s been making the magnificent webs I’ve been seeing all summer. I decided I upset it enough, destroying all its handiwork and it seemed somewhat agitated so I left it in peace for the afternoon. I did give fair warning that I’d be back next weekend to finish and suggested it move to a patch I’ve already weeded so hopefully it will.

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Ashley Ladd said...

My garden is in dire need of work. But the kids refuse to help and my legs have been swollen for the past month so I can't bend down to do it like I used to. I'm either going to have to hire someone or get rid of my garden.