Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Saga Continues

I’ve been sentenced to dryer hell.

Today’s set of delivery men was much better than yesterday’s. They measured and measured and mumbled and said no way but tried anyway. No, doesn’t fit even after my little demolition project of yesterday. But they were very helpful and told me what I needed to tell the store.

Unfortunately the folks at the store had no clue what the delivery guys were talking about. They insist it doesn’t exist. So, after being assured I would be credited the full amount for the dryer that didn’t fit by the warehouse people (which I don’t believe for a second), I wandered off to Home Depot because it was nearby. No luck.

Off to a fancy, full-priced appliance store. A very nice man with tremendous patience looked through every manufacturer there is and guess what. There is no gas dryer in existence that will fit down my steps. Electric, yes, but I’d need to hire an electrician to run a 220 line. Um, that’s not really feasible this week.

On to plan B. I think I’ll move to the beach and let the next people who live in my house deal with it. Seriously, this could be the last straw that gives me the push I need to get out of here. Stay tuned…

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