Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reading Fair

I went off to the fair yesterday. I'm a dismal failure. There were too many choices so I ended up having just lemonade. No funnel cake. No waffles and ice cream. No sausage and peppers. No pulled pork sandwich. No gyro. No corn on the cob. Just lemonade. Sigh.

There was weirdness walking around the animals. The cows licked me. The sheep and goats chewed on me. And I upset the pigs. Every time I stopped to look at one, it would hop up and start snuffling. If I didn't offer my hand, it would squeal like I was killing it. I finally had to leave that area because people were looking to see what I was doing to them.

Somehow I missed the exhibits. They were in the 4H building next the the fairgrounds and I never found the sign. But I did wander around the old tractors and what Reading Fair wouldn't be complete without a display of stock cars.

And of course there were all the typical rides. Plus one that, I don't know, seemed a little tacky to me. When did the Titanic become fun?


Regina Carlysle said...

This looks a whole lot like our fair. Love the old cars. Just think about how much time, money and work goes into restoring them.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had fun, B...even if the pigs did think you were wicked...hmmm, how did they know? lol

Love those old cars too. We have a show in town here every summer and guys bring out their oldies. They are just incredibly gorgeous and some even hot! lol


Anny Cook said...

Loved the animals! I can see my youngest gd with the pigs. I'm with you, that Titanic ride seems a bit weird to me.