Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ta Da!

Releasing Wednesday from Ellora's Cave, Questing, the first in my Cosmic Connections series.


Jordan McKade knows Kiley Fisher is his destiny the second he sees her. She, however, needs a lot more time to accept it. The last thing he wants to do is scare her away before she’s ready and it takes more self-control than he ever thought he possessed not to blurt out how desperately he wants to fuck her no matter how true it is.

Kiley’s problem isn’t that she doesn’t want him. It’s that she’s intimidated by the super sexy Jordan with his overwhelming business success and his voice that is so sinfully sensual she is ready to come every time he speaks to her.

When a no-good crook uses Kiley in his nefarious plans to save his own ass, Jordan comes to her rescue which finally lands them in a setting where they can no longer resist each other and the chemistry that’s been slowly building between them ignites in an inferno of passion.

Excerpt - Adult Content

“Do you know I can practically feel it everywhere you look at me? How can I be so excited, so ready for you when you haven’t touched me yet?”

“The same way I am.”

“Oh yeah,” she giggled.

“You’re beautiful, Kiley. I could look at you forever.”

“Oh really?” She smiled seductively. “Just look, not touch?” She backed away and slowly turned all the way around. “You make me feel like doing things I’ve never imagined even wanting to.”

“Like what?” Jordan was fascinated.

“Well, like last night. The thought of touching myself in front of someone…of actually wanting to do it again.” Kiley lifted her breasts to him, caressing herself, squeezing her nipples before she slid her palms down her sides, over her hips, finally settling on her thighs. “Did you like last night, Jordan?” She inched her hands between her legs.

“You know I did.”

Jordan groaned when she slid her fingers along her slit, dipping one in inside only to remove it quickly and put it in her mouth. “Hmm, I liked that better on your tongue.”

“Kiley.” Jordan reached for her but she took another step backward.

“Hold on, Jordan. I’m getting an idea here.” She smiled again. “I liked tasting you too. I’m wondering what we’d taste like together. Would you be too sensitive for me to lick right after you come?”

She was killing him. “Immediately after, yes but if you let me rest inside you for a minute I could probably take it.”

“Good. I wonder why I want to do these things with you?”

“Because you know I love you.”

“Could be. Or maybe I trust you and know I can do anything without needing to be afraid of you hurting me.”

“You’re right about that. You may drive me absolutely wild but I’ll never hurt you no matter how savage you make me feel.”

“I never had a conversation with an erect, naked man before. I think this turns me on.”

“Do you have frequent conversations with naked, limp men?”

“No,” she giggled.

“That’s because no man could ever be limp with you naked.”

“Do I really make you feel wild, Jordan?” She was walking around the table.

“Hell yes, Kiley!”



“Do you want me right now?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you want to be inside me, filling me, feeling me clenching around you?”

“Kiley,” he growled.

“Would you push all the way in and then slide almost out? Would you pump into me over and over, harder and faster until I screamed from the pleasure you gave me?”

“Oh my God.”

“When you feel me come, would you lose control and come too? Deep inside me?”

“Hell yes.”

“I’m so wet, Jordan. Just thinking about it makes me so hot, so ready for you. I never felt so sexual or so desirable. I can see that you’re barely able to stand there and not take me. You want to be in me so much, don’t you?”

“Damn it, Kiley. Stop pushing me!”

“Why? Can I push you too far? What happens if I do? Will you ravish me? Toss me on the floor and do what we both want?”

“Stop, Kiley. Please.”

“No, Jordan. You make me wild too. I’ve never felt like this before. I want to try everything with you. Everything from tender lovemaking to lusty, out of control sex.” She rolled her nipples between her fingers again. “Will you be uncontrolled for me now, Jordan?”

“Don’t do this, Kiley. Once we start, we’ll have to ride it out.”

“Ooh, ride it out. That’s it! I’ve never done this either but,” she moved in front of him and turned to lie facedown across the table, “Ride me, Jordan,” she urged, resting on her forearms, peeking over her shoulder.


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