Saturday, April 9, 2016

Disappointing News

I received an email this week.  Bonnier has decided not to launch Evidence Press, the mystery/horror division they were adding to their Totally Entwined Group.  To me, that means Indiscriminate Slaughter is once again homeless.

Disappointing as I said but not truly discouraging as some authors are taking it.  As I see it, the book was accepted, contracted, added to the release schedule.  If Bonnier took it, so will someone else. 

I admit I did give myself a full day to sulk.  There were even some tears.  Disappointing, remember?  But then I regrouped, pulled out my badass writer attitude and sent it back out there. 

Now I wait, though I truly hope it doesn't take forever.  It’s so different for me that I think you’ll be surprised.  It was also a lot of fun to write, which shows, and it deserves to be read!  I’ll keep you posted. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's the Little Things

My poinsettia from last year started blooming a month ago and it’s still gorgeous.  And I finally managed to grow freesia for the first time ever!  It should be open by next week.  I’ll show you.

I caught an employee at my new laundromat today.  My card is successfully registered which means I can go any time, day or night.  If I get there ten minutes before I usually go it will be considered “after hours” and I’ll get a 40% discount.  Yes, I will be getting there early from now on!  While I was there I also put more money on my card and scored a 10% cash bonus.  Yay me!  I’m set for weeks now.  Happy girl!
I happened to check the menu at my corner bar even though I hadn’t planned on stopping there today.  Steak and rice soup.  Nom!  No cooking for me tonight and there will be enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Today was a good day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2:00 a.m. Drama

I was sleeping nicely for a change.  Until Kya, Kitty Warrior Princess decided to play downstairs.  Loudly.  Seriously louder than she has been the past few nights.  Meowing, which she rarely does, bouncing off of things, scampering all over the place. Then she moved her game upstairs to continue playing under the bed.

The boys had been lounging with me but as soon as Kya hit the room they leapt off the bed and pounced her.  Hmm.  Not their norm.  When the racket didn’t subside I decided perhaps I needed to turn on the light and take a look at what it was they had. By then Quinn snatched whatever it was from Kya and had it in the corner behind the window fan.

Yep, it was a wee mouse. Obviously terrified.  Quinn on one side, Harry on the other. Kya had given up by then.  She knows not to get in the middle of them once they are after something.  I would have preferred to curl up and go back to sleep but decided I had no choice but to deal with it.  But first, I made sure the covers weren’t touching the floor, just in case it attempted to make a run for it.

I put on my glasses.  Better to see exactly what was going on, you know.  And my shoes.  Quinn has very long, sharp claws and I would need to get in close to steal the mouse.  I was debating on adding real clothes, again as protection but before I got that far Quinn managed to snag the critter and took off like a shot, Harry and me on his heals.

There are twelve steps in my house. Six feet from where I was sitting on the bed to the top of the stairs. In the seconds it took me to follow, Quinn had the poor thing punctured bad. I guess he clamped down hard when he made his move. I know this because there hadn’t been any blood upstairs and the poor thing was nearly dead at the bottom of the steps where he’d deposited it.

As I was figuring out the plan on how to grab it before Quinn ran again it tried to wrap its tail around itself and hide its face. Very sad.  Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t keep an almost dead mouse disposal kit handy in my living room. Turns out Quinn the Destroyer didn’t intend to wait around for me to come up with something. He grabbed the mouse and, growling ferociously with every step, headed for the kitchen.

Good choice! There was a plastic container drying by the sink which I managed to slap down over the mouse the instant Quinn set it down, I think to start snacking. Okay, step one, isolate the bloody mess, complete.  Step two, slide something beneath it before Quinn realized he could simply give the container a swat and reclaim the mouse, was accomplished in just as long as it took me to pluck a magazine from the nearby table. Then all I needed to do was deactivate the alarm and toss the sad little creature out the door, into the rain.  No, it wasn’t quite dead but I couldn’t bring myself to kill it the rest of the way.  I seriously doubt it lasted long.  

I cleaned up the floors and went back to bed. Kya and Harry came with me so I was fairly certain the mouse hadn’t been hanging with any little friends.  Quinn, on the other hand, was angry.  He stomped around the house for an hour, grumbling and grumping the entire time.  If anyone had any right to be mad I think it should be Kya at Quinn.  She’d been playing downstairs the last few nights so I can’t help but wonder if she and the mouse had become buddies.

I’ve already told them that tonight we are sleeping peacefully, no interruptions.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016


It's the little things.  My poinsettia that I got back at Christmas in 2014 is still alive.  Thriving actually.  And just starting to bloom!  Life is good. More pics to follow...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hard to Believe

I know, I know. You probably don't believe this but every year I manage to convince myself it's not really that bad. Turning the heat essentially off, that is. What was I thinking?!? Trust me, when it gets below 20 outside it gets darn cold inside, no matter how many layers I put on. It's 17 out there now, going down to 9 tonight, 8 tomorrow night. I have one more degree to go before the heat kicks on. You wouldn't think 49 is that cold but it is when it's inside. C'mon over and see for yourself if you need to but make sure you bring mittens and a hat. As for me, I'll be the lump under that pile of blankets with the kitties.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Beau died the evening of November 18 while I held him.  He will be missed more than I can express.  I'm so far beyond sad there isn't a word for it.  I'll be back after I regroup.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

About Beau

He was one day old when he stole my heart.  A little striped, speckled kitty, one of a litter of six.  Yes, one of the litter yet not.  I knew the first moment I saw him that he was different.  A very powerful magical creature in the guise of a tiny kitten.

I found homes for the others. Beau claimed me from the start. We went home, this wee one pound ball of fluff and it wasn’t long before he took over the house. The three older cats already in residence were quickly under his spell. Oh he lets them think they are dominant to him but that’s all part of his plan.

Beau is a storyteller. Always has been. He whispers to me, sometimes complete tales, sometimes snippets that I must then fill in the blanks. You’d think something so adorable wouldn’t be so wicked but trust me, he is. We are working on a book of Beau Tales that will astound you when he decides it’s ready for public viewing.

He’s been under the weather lately. Yeah, that’s an understatement. He stopped eating and hasn’t gotten back to it yet. I believe he will. When he is ready and not a moment sooner. My wonderful vet has done everything for him. Exploratory surgery, biopsies, supportive care. She sent him home because she thought he would be more comfortable there, which I’m sure he is.

The first two days he was back he stayed downstairs. I slept on the sofa to be near him. This morning, after we did his IV fluids he put himself to bed in his regular spot between the pillows, under the covers. He’s still not eating but I see this as a good thing, like he’s saying he’ll be sticking around. Part of me suspects he’s in collusion with the big cats. They’ve been getting all the leftovers of the foods I’ve been offering him, things they rarely get.

My little Beau kitty. Magical beyond belief. Clever as hell. Naughty as can be but cute enough to get away with anything. He’s one of a kind and I’m the luckiest person alive because he chose me. May we have many more years of shared adventures!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Beau the Brave

The Beau kitty hasn't been doing so well lately. Two weeks ago he stopped eating and was throwing up constantly. After visiting the vet and having plan A care at home not work he went back for plan B care there. Exploratory surgery and a week long stay hasn't solved anything. It did rule out a variety of things though which is good.

Friday they decided he'd be more comfortable at home. I now know how to give IV fluids and injections in a catheter. Tonight one of the amazing vet techs stopped by my house and unclogged his IV. I had no clue what to do when I couldn't get fluid started so I called and she came. Truly amazing individual and that's how much she cares about the critters entrusted to her.

Beau still needs to relearn to eat but he's a magical determined little kitty and I believe in him. Still, we'd appreciate you sending good vibes for him out into the universe.

More news to follow...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just That Fast

I watched her die. Though there really wasn’t much of anything to see.

She came in, in front of me.  Chattering away.  Walking perfectly fine.  No distress.  No outward signs.

Half a minute later, thirty little seconds, she fell. Foaming. Unresponsive.

It seemed like forever until the paramedics arrived. Seven minutes after she’d come in from the porch. Seven. Five minutes from the time I’d called them. They assured us that she was gone by the time she hit the floor, that there was nothing anyone could have done for her.

Chatting one moment. Dead the next. Literally. Slipping quietly into whatever follows. Without anyone to say goodbye. I would have, had I known. I would have told her she was a joy, that she’ll be missed. But it was too late. She was gone…