Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Snippet

And the world faded around her. She had fought so hard to be what they demanded, to become what they saw her as. But in her shattered heart she knew it wasn’t her. She finally accepted the impossibility of it. Time to let it all go and move on. Maybe, hopefully she would one day step back out of the shadows and find a tribe to call her own. One where she was accepted, cherished even, as she truly was. For now though, she had to begin the journey on her own. The one to reclaim herself and discover who she really was behind all the masks she juggled for eons. It was so long that she’d hidden her true self that even she didn’t know her anymore. If you see her going along her solitary way, please be kind. She carries enough disappointment in herself for the masses. Don’t add to it. Nod and let her pass. This empty shell phase won’t last forever. She will sooner or later be back in all the shining glory she held when she was young. Before she was beaten by the life she struggled to fit in to...

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