Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

This picture was taken about two weeks ago. Normally, there is water pouring over the dam but not then. Today, for several hours, it rained an inch an hour. With all the streams emptying into the lake it may be flowing again. Perhaps, since I have the day off tomorrow, I may go for a wander and see. Not sure I’ll have time but I have my dying camera charging, just in case.

Most everyone I encountered was complaining about the weather. Me? Nope. This was my early day so before anyone else got in, I rolled up my cuffs and splashed in the puddles. I had crocs on so why not? They’re the perfect puddle-jumping shoes. I know the flooding aspect of all this rain is a bad thing however other than that, I really enjoyed it. And there’s supposed to be more later so all in all, I’ve had a good day.

Some people around here haven’t. Rain or not, the city has voted to raise the rates on expired parking meters. By 33 percent, from $15 to $20. They’re also raising the late fee from $35 to $40. What I suspect they’ve failed to mention is that in the teeny tiny fine print at the very bottom on the back where the crease is to make the ticket into an envelope so no one can actually read it is that the time to pay has been decreased to 37 minutes. Now, I’m not positive on this one but I wouldn’t be at all surprised. This is Reading, after all, and therefore not to be trusted with such things.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is This It?

The worlds within have fallen silent
They are desolate
Void of fundamental vitality
And now even the sterile landscapes are dissipating
Erased by some cosmic force intent on stripping me of everything
I’m adrift
Hurtling through a nothingness that was once so crowded
Brimming with pure chaos
Chaos that left such joy in the madness of its wake
Emptiness echoes as yet another light blinks out
Leaving devastating sadness over what had been in its place
I’m here now
All on my own but for the gut wrenching fear that this is my destiny
An eternity spent wandering the chambers of my mind
Finding not even a carcass or a shadow left to remind me of what once was
Back when I was whole

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nature Visits

The other evening I went about closing up my house only to find this magical creature hanging on my door as if waiting for me. I paused a moment, silently sharing space with her, me on one side of the screen, her on the other.

Twenty odd years ago, when I first moved in here, I ordered up a pod of praying mantis eggs to stick in my little yard since they're such good insects to have and I’ve been hosting them ever since. I generally see a few a summer, always in unexpected places, which never fails to make me smile. I’d about given up for this year when this lovely turned up on my door.

I have a long-legged spider spinning the most gorgeous web at the top of my cellar steps. Don’t mind spiders as long as I know they’re there and they don’t just suddenly appear dangling in front of my face say from the sun visor in my car. I’m going to need to purchase a new jug of washer fluid since I’m not about to disturb Charlotte in her web-designing. She may have an important message for me and I don’t want to miss it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Old

I heard on the radio that Mike Schmidt is 61 today. And Shaun Cassidy is 52. I grew up with them being on TV constantly. I’m not as old as they are but hearing their ages this morning made me feel ancient.

I received an invitation to my class reunion last week. I’ve never been to one. They’re always held the day after Thanksgiving, I suppose because the theory is that people are back, visiting family so more will come. The problem is that I too visit then. Only I go see my great aunt that day so I’m always out of town.

Of course I don’t know if I’d go anyway. I haven’t seen the majority of these people since the year before we graduated. I started college a year early so I wasn’t there for senior year. I doubt I’d recognize most of them if I tripped over them in the street. I say that because other years I’ve ordered the picture and can’t usually identify more than one or two.

Generally I get a few emails telling me I need to come to the reunion. Why? I mean why wait until then? I’ve always been around, findable should anyone so desire. And no one bothers. But then neither do I.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

For the past month, I’ve wanted a pretzel dog. The first two weeks, I was being morally supportive and wouldn’t permit myself one. The third week, I was in the right place on the wrong day. Sure, I could have ventured back on the proper day however I didn’t want one THAT much. Last week I was in the area on the right day but had no money.

Sad, isn’t it that a hotdog should require so much effort?

Today, payday, I splurged and went out of my way when I headed home. I stopped at the Reading Farmers’ Market and snagged myself the much coveted pretzel dog. Amazingly, it was as good as I wanted it to be.

It’s the little things in life…

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Cares?

We live in a disposable world.

There was yet another killing in Reading this week. It’s becoming a regular occurrence. This time a body was found on top of a pile of trash though it’s not been determined if that’s where he was actually killed. There’s some speculation as to whether or not he was stabbed in a nearby apartment and then tossed there. Sure, why not? It’s hot again this week. You don’t want to keep a dead guy in your living room too long, now do you? They think they have the guy who did it, though again there are questions. Supposedly, the guy they arrested was seen with his arms around the dead guy’s chest as they were fighting. However, from how it’s described, it sounds more like he was lugging him to the trash heap on the steps to the basement of a vacant building.

Last week four guys beat and shot a fifteen year old kid for his fancy sneakers. The kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t run when approached as he perhaps should have. They caught the four, one of whom was only a kid himself.

The week before there was a shoot out with one man shot in the head. Though there were many bullets exchanged, he was the only one unlucky enough to be hit. He’s going to live but still, no respect for human life.

When did we get to this point? And how do we get away from it? Unfortunately, Reading has yet to hit bottom. Bad as it is now, it is sure to get worse, much worse, before it gets better. Wait. Make that if it gets better because honestly, I have many, many doubts of that being possible.

The mayor did a walkabout yesterday, going along with the codes inspectors. So he saw that my fence was the only one in my block with the graffiti removed. It’s reported that he also chatted with everyone as he wandered by. I really wish he’d waited until I was home. As I’m sure you can guess by now, I have a few things that I’d have liked to discuss.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Very Important Things

There’s a big debate going on at the FDA. Apparently someone came up with a way to genetically alter salmon so they grow twice as fast. The folks that developed this don’t want the fish labeled as such in stores, I suspect because they’re afraid people won’t buy it. They claim it has the same material makeup as conventional fish, same flavor, texture, color and odor. Therefore, they see no need to notify consumers. However, consumer advocates argue that the public has a right to know. Uh, yeah. I think that one’s kinda obvious, don’t you? Guess I’ll be skipping salmon until this one’s settled.

There have been all sorts of announcements lately on where to get your H1N1 flu shots. There was also a big article about the H1N1 epidemic being over. Okay, I’m confused. If the epidemic is over, why do I need to get a shot?

The world’s oldest man turned 114. Imagine all he’s seen in his lifetime. Even so, I really don’t think I want to live that long. Or, if I do, I don’t want it to be a news item. I’ve never liked my birthday and tend to ignore it. I purposefully don’t tell my friends until after it has passed. I certainly don’t want the whole world involved, making some kind of fuss just because I’m older than dirt. I’m special all the time, not just on my birthday. One thing in the article I did like about him was the quote they included. “With all the hatred in this world, in this good world, let us be kind to one another.” I agree but isn’t that something we should strive for every day anyway?

In other news no one aboard the Titanic needed to die. They supposedly screwed up. First, the steersman panicked when he saw the iceberg and turned the wrong way, hitting it instead of going around it. Then, they kept sailing instead of shutting everything down and waiting for another ship to come rescue everyone which caused the ship to sink hours faster than it would have had it been stationery. Hmm, not sure we needed to know that.

Just one last thing in case you missed it. The recession was over last year. Everything’s fine now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorry I'm Late

I had dinner and did some hanging out with Mackenzie, one of my little girls. Only she’s no longer little. She’s newly sixteen and has grown into an amazing young woman without me being exactly aware of it. For that, I apologize.

You see, usually there are others around when we get together and she wanders in and out of view. Tonight it was just us and I had a blast. She’s funny as hell in a very clever way, charming, more than capable of holding her own in a conversation (and we discussed a wide variety of things), inquisitive and beautiful, both inside and out.

Last time I asked, she had no clue what she wanted to do. Now she does. She’s made up her mind and is working towards it, very determined, and I’m sure she’ll succeed in a spectacular way. She writes poetry, which she’s promised to share, and songs, which she’s going to video one day soon and post. I can’t wait.

I’m most honored to call her friend and look forward to watching her continue to grow and shine.

Oh yeah, if you’re ever in the area, eat at Austin’s, request Melissa as your server and be sure to ask her what dessert is.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Hmm, let’s see. What happened last week?

I didn’t win the lottery. Oh yes, I’m truly surprised by that. After all, why buy a ticket if you don’t expect to win? If you buy one thinking you won’t then you’re simply throwing away your money. Don’t do that. Send it to me instead. I promise to put it to good use.

I went home one night to find a nasty notice tapped to my door from the city. It seems I’ve been singled out for them to collect yet another contribution from in their attempt to pull the city from financial ruin. This time it’s due to the graffiti on my back fence. Looking up and down the alley everyone’s property is splattered with graffiti. Wouldn’t mind if they put art on my fence but this stuff is nothing anyone other than the kid who put it there wants to see. Anyway, the city is going to not only fine me but charge me to paint over it if I don’t do so myself within five days. Nope, no indication of how much. My very sweet neighbor saw the notice and went out and painted my fence for me. He also said to check right before they’re due back and he’ll paint it again if necessary. Fine, right? Wrong. I’m the only one who got the notice. Sure, why not? As they see it, I’m harmless, employed and so far I’ve paid my taxes every year so why not try to squeeze a little more out of me? Um, no. I repeat. NO! As in hell no. How many times do I have to say it? I have no more to give so go harass someone else. I’m done. And if my fence is tagged again, which surely it will be since a newly painted blank spot is too much to resist, I may or may not do anything about it. Or I may find someone to assist me in suing the city for failing to protect my property from vandals.

I rescued another kitten. Beau’s sister. It was very difficult not to scoop her up and take her home because she is a real sweetie but I had to resist. She has a good home with nice people and I’m sure I can visit if I really want to so it’s better this way.

Okay, what’ve you been up to?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Friday, September 10, 2010

A Little Scared

I went to see my great aunt today. She’s back in the hospital. They’re not sure what exactly is wrong with her or what they’re going to do about it. They’re just keeping her for a few days to monitor her.

She looked and sounded worse than I’ve ever seen her. But she told me she’s going to be fine and I choose to believe her. She’s 94 and the most amazing soul you could ever hope to meet. I wish you could all go hang out and hear her stories but she’s tired today. She kicked me out and sent me home not long after I got there which isn’t like her. But she’s 94 and I’m not about to argue.

Hopefully she’ll be feeling more like herself soon and we’ll be able to have one of our nice relaxed lunches. Send some good thoughts if you can please.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


“Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” William Faulkner

I kept finding clocks while I was out and about last weekend. So many I have to suspect it means something.

Perhaps that it’s time for me to do something? Or maybe that there’s plenty of time left for me to do something? Or is it that time is running out, since half the clocks weren’t functional?

Hmm, high time for me to do something. Yes, it is. Just not sure what exactly that may be.

Plenty of time left. I certainly hope so. I’m not THAT old yet and yes, I do have lots of stuff I intend to do.

Time is running out. Perhaps. Yeah, I could read a lot into that one too.

Or maybe it’s just that companies in Reading have always liked displaying clocks on their buildings. Who knows? Whatever it may mean for me I plan on remembering that time is precious. It isn’t infinite, not for each of us individually. And I am determined to make the most of mine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There’s an empty building at 3rd and Greenwich. It’s got this really nifty logo above the doors. One of the entrance ways has it on the railings as well. I have no clue what it stands for. Any ideas?

From what I could tell my guess is that there used to be a small complex on that corner. Unfortunately now there’s no way of telling whether it was all related or not. It’s half torn down now. The remaining shell has become what looks like a practice area for local graffiti artists.

What amazed me was the complete lack of trash. Very unusual for a deserted area in Reading, I assure you. Makes me wonder who’s maintaining it. Hmm, no, not enough to wander back in after dark which is when I suspect it’s occupied. Not alone anyway and I doubt I know anyone local who’d be willing to accompany me. Don’t see why not. There’ve only been a handful of fatal shootings in the neighborhood over the past few months.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Finds

Everyone have a good weekend? Mine was fairly quiet. I did some roaming around Reading again. Yeah, places I probably shouldn’t have been, places where I can’t seem to manage remaining invisible. But I survived so no harm done. My camera however, is another matter. The rechargeable battery has decided it’s getting tired. So if someone would rather upgrade my camera than supply the mini computer we discussed last week, I’d have no objections.

I’ll be sharing the few pictures I took soon so stop back to see them. I found these morning glories along the tracks between Third and Front. Aren’t they pretty? The graffiti is under the Front Street bridge. There's a bunch of faces scattered about that made me laugh. You should go see them.

I got notice of some nice reviews over the weekend. One for Whisper and Sigh, one for Second Act. I always enjoy good reviews, well duh, who doesn’t but it’s not just for the obvious reason. Reviewers invest their much appreciated time reading our books, commenting on them, so I think it’s great when they enjoy what they’ve read. If you want to see them go here and here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Weekend

I mega-hyper in a very weird way today. Trust me. You really don't want to know what's going on inside my head.

Have a safe weekend. Go out and be an adventure! Just don't forget, we need details...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This 'n That

I read a nifty article today on the four stages of decomposition that bodies go through after death. It was highly detailed and I decided that no matter how informative it could be you might prefer not to know so that’s all I’m saying. Um, well, except that if you harness the gasses given off you could collect Freon to recharge your air conditioners. Might save you some money. Hey, maybe you could invent a gizmo to do that and become wealthy. Keep me in mind if you do so you can send my percentage for giving you the idea. If you want to read it it’s in the September issue of Scientific American.

Do you know how evil daylight savings is? Switching the time one hour disrupts circadian rhythms which could lead to sleep deprivation, causing more traffic accidents. Men are more likely to commit suicide in the first few weeks of changing their clocks and there is an increased risk of heart attacks. Mm hmm, one little hour really does matter. States have the option of participating in daylight savings or not as they see fit. I think I’ll begin a campaign in Pennsylvania to leave time alone since I’ve had a tremendous amount of trouble sleeping this summer. Here I thought it was because the angle of the earth during the summer makes the moonbeams not shine through my window and all this time it was from changing my clock. I wonder if I leave mine alone and refuse to go along with it if that’d make a difference for me personally. Hmm, perhaps it’s worth a try since I’m awfully tired these days.

So. What’s on your mind?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back Soon