Thursday, September 2, 2010

This 'n That

I read a nifty article today on the four stages of decomposition that bodies go through after death. It was highly detailed and I decided that no matter how informative it could be you might prefer not to know so that’s all I’m saying. Um, well, except that if you harness the gasses given off you could collect Freon to recharge your air conditioners. Might save you some money. Hey, maybe you could invent a gizmo to do that and become wealthy. Keep me in mind if you do so you can send my percentage for giving you the idea. If you want to read it it’s in the September issue of Scientific American.

Do you know how evil daylight savings is? Switching the time one hour disrupts circadian rhythms which could lead to sleep deprivation, causing more traffic accidents. Men are more likely to commit suicide in the first few weeks of changing their clocks and there is an increased risk of heart attacks. Mm hmm, one little hour really does matter. States have the option of participating in daylight savings or not as they see fit. I think I’ll begin a campaign in Pennsylvania to leave time alone since I’ve had a tremendous amount of trouble sleeping this summer. Here I thought it was because the angle of the earth during the summer makes the moonbeams not shine through my window and all this time it was from changing my clock. I wonder if I leave mine alone and refuse to go along with it if that’d make a difference for me personally. Hmm, perhaps it’s worth a try since I’m awfully tired these days.

So. What’s on your mind?

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