Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

This picture was taken about two weeks ago. Normally, there is water pouring over the dam but not then. Today, for several hours, it rained an inch an hour. With all the streams emptying into the lake it may be flowing again. Perhaps, since I have the day off tomorrow, I may go for a wander and see. Not sure I’ll have time but I have my dying camera charging, just in case.

Most everyone I encountered was complaining about the weather. Me? Nope. This was my early day so before anyone else got in, I rolled up my cuffs and splashed in the puddles. I had crocs on so why not? They’re the perfect puddle-jumping shoes. I know the flooding aspect of all this rain is a bad thing however other than that, I really enjoyed it. And there’s supposed to be more later so all in all, I’ve had a good day.

Some people around here haven’t. Rain or not, the city has voted to raise the rates on expired parking meters. By 33 percent, from $15 to $20. They’re also raising the late fee from $35 to $40. What I suspect they’ve failed to mention is that in the teeny tiny fine print at the very bottom on the back where the crease is to make the ticket into an envelope so no one can actually read it is that the time to pay has been decreased to 37 minutes. Now, I’m not positive on this one but I wouldn’t be at all surprised. This is Reading, after all, and therefore not to be trusted with such things.

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