Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorry I'm Late

I had dinner and did some hanging out with Mackenzie, one of my little girls. Only she’s no longer little. She’s newly sixteen and has grown into an amazing young woman without me being exactly aware of it. For that, I apologize.

You see, usually there are others around when we get together and she wanders in and out of view. Tonight it was just us and I had a blast. She’s funny as hell in a very clever way, charming, more than capable of holding her own in a conversation (and we discussed a wide variety of things), inquisitive and beautiful, both inside and out.

Last time I asked, she had no clue what she wanted to do. Now she does. She’s made up her mind and is working towards it, very determined, and I’m sure she’ll succeed in a spectacular way. She writes poetry, which she’s promised to share, and songs, which she’s going to video one day soon and post. I can’t wait.

I’m most honored to call her friend and look forward to watching her continue to grow and shine.

Oh yeah, if you’re ever in the area, eat at Austin’s, request Melissa as your server and be sure to ask her what dessert is.

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