Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Finds

Everyone have a good weekend? Mine was fairly quiet. I did some roaming around Reading again. Yeah, places I probably shouldn’t have been, places where I can’t seem to manage remaining invisible. But I survived so no harm done. My camera however, is another matter. The rechargeable battery has decided it’s getting tired. So if someone would rather upgrade my camera than supply the mini computer we discussed last week, I’d have no objections.

I’ll be sharing the few pictures I took soon so stop back to see them. I found these morning glories along the tracks between Third and Front. Aren’t they pretty? The graffiti is under the Front Street bridge. There's a bunch of faces scattered about that made me laugh. You should go see them.

I got notice of some nice reviews over the weekend. One for Whisper and Sigh, one for Second Act. I always enjoy good reviews, well duh, who doesn’t but it’s not just for the obvious reason. Reviewers invest their much appreciated time reading our books, commenting on them, so I think it’s great when they enjoy what they’ve read. If you want to see them go here and here.

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