Monday, September 20, 2010

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Hmm, let’s see. What happened last week?

I didn’t win the lottery. Oh yes, I’m truly surprised by that. After all, why buy a ticket if you don’t expect to win? If you buy one thinking you won’t then you’re simply throwing away your money. Don’t do that. Send it to me instead. I promise to put it to good use.

I went home one night to find a nasty notice tapped to my door from the city. It seems I’ve been singled out for them to collect yet another contribution from in their attempt to pull the city from financial ruin. This time it’s due to the graffiti on my back fence. Looking up and down the alley everyone’s property is splattered with graffiti. Wouldn’t mind if they put art on my fence but this stuff is nothing anyone other than the kid who put it there wants to see. Anyway, the city is going to not only fine me but charge me to paint over it if I don’t do so myself within five days. Nope, no indication of how much. My very sweet neighbor saw the notice and went out and painted my fence for me. He also said to check right before they’re due back and he’ll paint it again if necessary. Fine, right? Wrong. I’m the only one who got the notice. Sure, why not? As they see it, I’m harmless, employed and so far I’ve paid my taxes every year so why not try to squeeze a little more out of me? Um, no. I repeat. NO! As in hell no. How many times do I have to say it? I have no more to give so go harass someone else. I’m done. And if my fence is tagged again, which surely it will be since a newly painted blank spot is too much to resist, I may or may not do anything about it. Or I may find someone to assist me in suing the city for failing to protect my property from vandals.

I rescued another kitten. Beau’s sister. It was very difficult not to scoop her up and take her home because she is a real sweetie but I had to resist. She has a good home with nice people and I’m sure I can visit if I really want to so it’s better this way.

Okay, what’ve you been up to?

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