Thursday, October 27, 2016

Go Read & Follow This!

As I mentioned last time, I have talented friends.  Friends plural.  Here's an introduction to another.

Meet Lance Cheuvront.  Or Cutter Murdoch as he's sometimes called.  He's amazing in so many ways I don't know where to begin.  Hmm.  Perhaps I'll let you discover it for yourself.

He's recently set up a blog, Born of Lightning, which he was!  Go check it out.  And be sure to read the About section where he rambles a bit about himself.  Leave a comment and say hello.  He'll be happy meet you, I promise.

Stop back often and see what he is up to.  He is magickal, fun, entertaining and truly one of the most interesting individuals ever!  And so damned talented.  Did I mention that already?

Go here now!  Go!  NOW!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have such talented friends!  This week, the wonderful Lois Kasznia has a new book, The Sin Bin, released with Resplendence Publishing. How cool is it that we now share a publisher?

Being spoiled as I am, I got to preview it before the rest of the world.  Yes, not only is she talented but she's also very generous and indulgent!  I just adore her voice and I know you will too. Romance and Lois's humor (which I love!) with hot hockey players mixed in.  Go read it!  And while you're at it, check out her other books too.

The Sin Bin
Bad boy NHL Star, Scott McGregor, goes through women like water. He enjoys his life and has no intention of settling down any time soon. When he’s introduced to his hockey idol, Sergi Zemtsov, it’s Sergi’s daughter, Kylie, who steals his attention. Other women fade away, and only Kylie fills his obsessive thoughts.

Professional golfer, Kylie Zemtsov is focused on her budding career and doesn’t have time for men. Her legendary father taught her all about players, and she knows she should stay away from Scott and his bad boy ways. It doesn’t matter how infatuated she might be with him, but when Scott pursues, she decides to give him a chance—give them both a chance.

Their timing couldn’t be worse. Scott’s team is in contention for the Stanley Cups Playoffs, while Kylie is on a roll winning LPGA tournaments. Being together means flying from coast to coast and seeing each other whenever they can steal the time. Under great pressure, their relationship is tested, and if they can’t figure it out, they’ll both end up in the Sin Bin serving a penalty that will cost them a lifetime apart.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Eons ago I used to write poetry.  Mostly depressing but every now and then I'd do something different.  Today I stumbled upon one of those and thought I'd share it with you.  Read it out loud in the creepiest voice you can muster.

Inky slinky don't dare blinky
Oily coily rum tum boily
Warn you once
Warn you twice
Draw the line at warning you thrice

Dangly fangly time to mangly
Seeny greeny oh so meany
Run for life
Fast as you can
Mess your pants you still a man

Stumble Fumble lost in jumble
Wicked kicked in the thicket
Down you go
One last chance
Get up now or never again dance

Choppy loppy lose head toppy
Grippy snippy now you drippy
That was it
Warned you did
Now you stuffed in box with lid

Told ya kulled ya shoulda sold ya
Killed ya milled ya and I billed ya
Serves you right
No do as said
Now you gone deserve to be dead

©2009 Barbara Huffert