Saturday, October 15, 2016


Eons ago I used to write poetry.  Mostly depressing but every now and then I'd do something different.  Today I stumbled upon one of those and thought I'd share it with you.  Read it out loud in the creepiest voice you can muster.

Inky slinky don't dare blinky
Oily coily rum tum boily
Warn you once
Warn you twice
Draw the line at warning you thrice

Dangly fangly time to mangly
Seeny greeny oh so meany
Run for life
Fast as you can
Mess your pants you still a man

Stumble Fumble lost in jumble
Wicked kicked in the thicket
Down you go
One last chance
Get up now or never again dance

Choppy loppy lose head toppy
Grippy snippy now you drippy
That was it
Warned you did
Now you stuffed in box with lid

Told ya kulled ya shoulda sold ya
Killed ya milled ya and I billed ya
Serves you right
No do as said
Now you gone deserve to be dead

©2009 Barbara Huffert

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