Friday, August 31, 2012

This Morning

I was out and about before the crack of dawn today.  Places to go, things to do and all that.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning.  Cool and peaceful.

Or it was until I showed up. 

I was stopped at a light, staring at the gorgeous full moon, glowing almost orange in a deep midnight blue sky.  It was breathtaking.  Try as I might, okay so I really didn’t try much at all, I just couldn’t resist.  I howled.  Literally.  Howie laughed happily so I howled again.  The second time we were both laughing.  You know how it is.  Once in a blue moon, which today just happens to be.  A blue moon, I mean.  The second full moon of the month.  I was very pleased with myself and cheerful, even though the light was taking forever.

That’s when I noticed the man scurrying down the street.  Away from me.  Back the direction he came from.  Did I forget to mention that it was so nice I had the windows wide open?  Yes, all these hours later, I’m still laughing.  As I said, sometimes you really just gotta.

Happy weekend all.  Be safe and do something unexpected!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sandy's Turn

Last week I shared a story by my dear friend, Kim.  This week I'd very much like you to read a little tale penned by the amazing and awesome, Sandra Williamson.  It's called The Spring and it is, in my opinion, a very nifty story indeed.

The Spring is a new adventure for Sandy.  It's a YA tale, her first, that she wrote to enter an anthology contest on Figment.  It's also the first short, short story that she's ever posted anywhere.  I'm very privileged in that she let me read along as she went so I got to share in the fun of her developing the characters and resolving the mystery.  How cool is that!

Yep, I admit it.  I'm spoiled to have such talented and generous friends!

Happy reading!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Agree

It's been one of those days so here I am, watching Mary Poppins.  On VHS.  Remember that?  I haven't used my video player in so long it took a moment to figure out how it worked.  Yeah.  As I said it was one of those days.  Anyway, watching made me think of a pic I'd seen recently.  And that made me laugh.  So I thought I'd share it with you. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking Over

I have two strawberry pots in my yard.  No, the strawberries don’t live there.  They’ve claimed the entire yard.  There are a variety of hens and chicks inhabiting them these days although they are climbing out and I suspect, staging a coup against the strawberries.

Recently I was out, peering at all the growy things I have as I do from time to time, noting how the dynamics have changed, when I noticed something else has staked a claim to one of the strawberry pots.  Or perhaps I should say someone.

There is the most amazing spider web I have ever seen and it’s rapidly expanding on a daily basis.  The main lair is nestled in a pot and has a two inch cylindrical opening.  As of yesterday afternoon, the web was at least 3’ x 5’.  I finally caught a partial glimpse of the spider.  I think it’s a wolf spider but I’m not entirely positive since I didn’t see all of it.

It’s outside so I don’t mind it being there at all as long as it leaves me a path to get to my trash can and doesn’t spin a web that encompasses the whole house.  Hey, there’s an idea.  I could call off work tomorrow because I’m being held captive by a massive spider!  Oh wait.  I probably shouldn’t joke about that since it is very large and spinning at a great rate.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today's Visitor

Friday, August 24, 2012

I know, I know

I showed you a bumble/thistle pic yesterday.  But this bumble was so cool I think you need to see more of him.  Look at his eyes in the bloom!  Isn't he awesome?

Happy weekend all!  May you be as content with whatever you do as this guy was enjoying the thistle.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


My grandmother loved thistles.  I agree they’re beautiful.  But I rarely let any grow in my yard because they tend to be right where I walk and the thorns attack me.

I made an exception this year.  It was so dry that not much else was growing by mid-July and I wanted something green.  Well, nothing much other than the strawberries but they’re possessed and it’s best not to dwell on them other than to say I ate a few more berries just now when I was outside.

Anyway, my grandmother adored them. So do the bees in my garden.  And soon they’ll be going to seed which means the goldfinches will have a feast.

Yep, the plants may be deadly to my skin but the flowers sure are pretty.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Go Read This

Bled Away  Written by a very dear friend.  I promise it's worth the few minutes it'll take to read.  Please sign in and click the heart to vote.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I’m sad.

My neighbors are moving soon.  I popped over to see them tonight and discovered they are working on using up all the food in their freezer. One less thing to pack and transport.

They’re not moving far but they’ve been next door for almost fifteen years.  I hand picked them.  When the woman who used to live there was getting married and informed me she intended to rent her house I directed them immediately to it.  It’s been so great, having them there.

As I said, they’re not moving far so I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.  But it won’t be the same.  For instance, we won’t call out a hello any time one of us goes in and out of the house.  And it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to drive across town in our PJs to visit.  Whose oven will they use when they are cooking so many things they won’t all fit in theirs?  And what will I do with the excess soup that won’t fit in my freezer?  Who will I play with when I’m out tending my yard once their granddaughter isn’t around?

No, they’re not moving far but I sure am going to miss having them right next door. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Yeah!

Mmm.  The taste of summer.  The only good thing about summer but we’ve already discussed that part.

I was out and about over the weekend and came home with a handful of fresh mint which I proceeded to make into the most delicious tea.  Sweetened with a touch of local honey and damn, is it good!  The same individual has given me cucumbers in weeks past and they are so good I actually look forward to having them on my salads, a first for me.

And then there is a truly wonderful woman at work who has taken to canning her own jams and salsas.  This year’s bounty is peach and I swear I have never tasted anything quite so incredible.  It amazes me that she is willing to share.  I probably shouldn’t admit this but I don’t know if I would be as generous had I created such numminess on my own but I am so very happy she is kinder than I am.

How about you?  What’s your favorite summer treat?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hahaha! Yep.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

So True!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From my Dear Friend Dwayne St. Romain for my Birthday

Berylaini Bastet Mystic Maid of Pi-Beset

“Is Faith the nadir; Fate the zenith,

We mid-heaven eye for God;

Will a butterscotch placebo,

Clanging zill in thrusts to dust

Never fare for intervention,

Clockwork desperate chattel’s lust,

Prayers in vain to saints we named

For finding peas in Freedom’s fraud

While famous nameless shell game dealers

Seal our heels in reels of sod

To glean a stream of adoration

Cogitas ergo sum? and nods.”

The candles played the room in flickers

Scotch annealed, the boy’s mind quickened

Hope from smoke to ember reared.

‘Master clear your wisdom’s dressing

Greif has wearied my perception.

Help me heal my love, Niamh?

Several lives I’d serve in trade,

Best a day she’ll kiss the reaper

Rested in pith by “tin” of spades.”

The Magi sighed, his carriage softened

Love, contagious, warmed his steel.

“Spare your care Maeldun Derry

Fate is but a slate of notes.

Grace’s feather pushes rivers,

Sweeps down mountains, fondres repair;

Movements scored and edits rendered

By the Seraph of Swatara.

There the errors and corrections

Cast effects on time and air

Under hand with Phoenix’s quill

Grace meets Will in Chanticleer.

Berylaini Bestat Mystic Maid of Pi-beset

Sets the present on existence.

Query her for change of scheme

Hence your quest the damsel waits

She could wet the quill to fill her

From the stream of living dreams.”

With map and compass, staff and quiver,

Maeldun Derry kissed Niamh,

Hearty faering used as knarr

Diamond, gilded dragon’s lead

To misty Susquehanna keystones

Saatus Falls, Tioga Chasm,

Up Swatara’s dark escarpment

Through the Forest of Blue Ruin

Chanticleer backed Firebow Bog

Ripe with red, high gladiola’s,

Violent violet Venus’ clutch,

Luscious blazing colors shimmer

Jeweled with half sunk hero’s skulls,

Maeldun was strong and nimble

Clear of sight through glade’s charade

Wading through the forest’s gate

Chartreuse, beryl, jade and olive,

Ocean deep and disconcerting

Fastened to the path was he

By gnashing thorns a crags of brambles

Steady, honed and resolute

Approached a high pagoda steepling

The hallowed hollow Pi-beset.

A bending, leaning shack- ish temple

Shingled planks devise a roof

On ornate cabin trite with whimsy

Cauldron boils in shady glen,

Gnomes in chef wear argue cooking

Halted seconds by his beauty,

Maeldun Derry held salute

Pointed to the door, expected

He gathered up and fixed his question.

Hum bird’s beak stroked door bell’s ring

A pleasant voice spoke close and scared him.

“Come in friend, Maeldun Derry.”

His eyes reached wide as his head bowed

Into the dwarfish timber door

The scale within of Ramsey’s temple,

Ishtar, Oura and Persephone

Were icons next to Maman Brijit
Totems, ivy hugged with ivory

She relaxed; he taken back,

Massaged his eyes to reckon sobered

This raven winged, fair, green eyed Seraph

Lounging on a lion lying.

Beside them stood a fancy desk.

A six foot quill in well, majestic

Coruscate with teal and fire

It held a book a yard square girth.

She beckoned him to kneel before her

Calm compliant he came forth

To take her hand, to kiss its ring

Mael was helpless but to linger.

A tear he shed fell on her wrist

She let one fall beside it, mated.

“Your beauty lends me warmth and chill;

Niamh,” she asked “prompts your urging?”

“Blessed Angel hear my prayer.”

“The book itself notes true prayers rendered.”

“Help me Dame of God I plea.”

“I led you here for this bequeathing

Anxious for your face with glee.

The Metatron brings forth no edict,

Sick with love’s cheap precedent,

Disallows my intervention;

Still I’ve penned a line or two,

Censures causing mountains ripple,

Cripples Will with shock and awe,

Now I find you here delicious,

Relief is her should you concur.”

Maeldun looked up reviving

Hope where only dark connived.

“Yours is now three tribulations

Paid with grief and grim repose.”

She looked into his soul unhindered.

“From birth for this have I arose.

Please Angel set for my Niamh

Any hell I may transgress

Or healthy dragon I may saddle,

Satan’s kiss would be no stress,

Rattle grails for sips to give her

Living bliss and laughter filling

Let me still the reaper’s spur,

Lady work your magic quill.”

Berylaini licked her lips

“Your beauty child and chivalry

Earns my mercy for your sweetheart,

You prevail and she is free.

I will grant three tribulations

Nothing’s free in this hard world.

First a kiss, He reached. She stopped him

Not me child, my kitty Beau.”

Maeldun bowed, lips a quiver,

The lion’s breath was putrid, hot.

It licked him with its face wide tongue,

The boy, haunt blushes stupid, laughs.

The Seraph laughed quite girlishly

“Now that’s a fitting tribute Derry.”

Sailed he then the green crystal sea

To join his father fierce in fight,

Ailill Ochair of Agha slain

Upon the fields ‘fore Dubcluain.

Now vengeance raped his passion’s fury

Rushed to odyssey on tear

Through fire horse and demon’s gauntlet

Isle of Sorrows; gorgon’s stare,

And when at last revenge was minted

Niamh regained his mind

Father dead and payment gathered

To the knarr and crystal brine

Back to Pi-beset he journeyed

One last mystery to endure

Were Berylaini Bastet smiled

“Your absence here bedogged me Derry

Your maiden walks now fresh and free

My intervention stayed her, tempered

Your indenturing is mine

For her long life yours is traded

Reconcile your gift sublime.”

Maeldun Derry crumbled down

His hand on hilt did tremble ready

But stiffened up and wrestled frowns

The contract penned, Niamh sound

His heart beat raw and tender steadied

“Greater love has none than that.”

He knelt; she touched his head and shoulders

There a noble lion sat

Compass, bow and map and quiver

Under Maeldun Derry’s hat

Prostrate, docile takes his collar

She attached a silver chain

“Maeldun Derry, proud arch hero

Fate has always named you mine

Faith and strength and perseverance

Scripts the book with living lines

God has worked through you young Derry

Sacrifice has its rewards

Your Niamh won’t forget you

Let her love repel remorse

Now your honor keeps what’s written

Forever it is yours to keep,

Maeldun Derry sit beside me

Here’s a scratch and kitty treat.

 © 2012 Dwayne St. Romain

Living in Fear

I’m back.  I gave myself a birthday present of going off to spend a few days with my out of town friends.  We had a wonderful time!

But I came home to learn why my street was full of police in the wee hours of Saturday morning as I was loading up my car to leave.  There’s an apartment building three doors away from my house.  The man on the third floor lives alone.  Not long before I was preparing to begin my journey someone broke into his place via the fire escape, robbed, beat and attempted to rape him.

This man is harmless.  He’s retired and spends a lot of time polishing his car.  Everyone knows him.  He’s been in the apartment for years.  Talking to him, you’d easily discover he doesn’t have much other than his car.  But that didn’t protect him.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Friday, August 10, 2012


Look what my dear friend, Taylor Tryst sent me!  Not only is it gorgeous but it's super nummy too.  The things that look like cookies?  Chocolate covered pineapple.  And the dark things?  Chocolate cinnamon covered apples.  Need I say more?

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I know things.  Things I haven’t been told.  Am I psychic?  Hardly.  Am I magickal?  Of course but that has little to do with what I’m referring to.  Am I outside, peering in windows?  Hahaha, nope.  Not this time.

No, sometimes I know things because in a very round about way, I’ve been told them.  Oh, not intentionally.  And often, unknowingly.  I know because I pay attention.  I take all that’s been said, filter it, add in bits and pieces that are unsaid but out there nonetheless, mix in a pinch of my own experiences and viola, I know things.

Is this good?  More often than not.  When I’m asked to offer my viewpoint, does it help?  At times.  Can it be creepy?  Perhaps if those I’m speaking with never realize that I’m merely spouting their own relations back at them.  Am I full of malarkey?  Most definitely.

Happy weekend all!  Wait.  It’s only Thursday.  Damn…

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I was dreaming again last night.  Not at all unusual.  I was trapped.  Nothing out of the ordinary there either.  And someone was trying to kill me.  Yeah, that’s pretty much the norm too.  It’s the where and how that first terrified me and then had me laughing so hard I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I was in a coal mine.  No, I have no clue what I was doing there.  I did go on a coal mine tour many, many years ago but the mine in my dream was nothing like it.  This was exactly what you picture if you think coal mine before electricity.  Narrow tunnels joining large chambers.  Dark because the lanterns were spaced too far apart.  Beat up equipment.  It didn’t seem to be still in use.  There should have been plenty of places for me to hide but I wasn’t doing very well with that although I lived through it so I mustn’t have been that bad.

So here’s the really odd bit as if that isn’t enough.  The guy who was after me brought a canon.  Weapon, not camera.  He was firing it at me.  Inside the mine.  While he was also inside the mine with the canon.  I don’t know about you but to me that seems like a really dumb way to attempt to kill someone.

I don’t know what I did to piss him off however it must have been really, really bad for him to not care that killing me in that manner would also do in himself.  He didn’t succeed last night.  I started to laugh at the absurdity of it and woke myself up.  I’m sure that just made him angrier so I can’t wait to see what tonight holds.

Pleasant dreams!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


When I was a kid one of the best things of summer was fresh corn.  Yes, I know.  Very odd for someone petrified of cornfields but the scariest ones are the ones with huge field corn, not sweet corn though enough of that in one place is still creepy.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere and we always had a few rows of corn in the garden.  I could pick it because they were long rows, usually only two and I could reach everything without actually needing to stand between the stalks.

The method for cooking the corn was simple.  Put a small amount of water on to boil, then go pick and clean the ears.  By the time that was accomplished the water was ready.  Steam the cobs for a few minutes and it was ready to eat.  Yes, I was spoiled by fresh veggies, mostly cooked like this, that still retained all their flavor my entire young life.

But as much as I loved corn, I was never fond of gnawing it from the cobs.  I wasn’t prissy but it was too messy.  Fresh peach juice running down my arms, dripping from my elbows was fine.  Corn slop was not.  But then I enjoy my corn naked instead of buttered so what do I know?

The preferred method for me was to cut the corn from the cob.  If this was done just right, the kernels would stick together in little pats and could be eaten with my fingers.  Nothing better than fresh sweet corn to snack on. 

My grandmother hated when I asked her to do that for me but my grandfather was a kindred spirit.  He was a very quiet, stoic man, I think to keep the peace, but that was one thing he would put his foot down about.  When we had corn with them, he always had her cut it off and then sat and ate it with his fingers with me.  I’m sure she griped plenty after I’d gone but he did it all the time anyway.  I suspect he was fairly deaf to most of her griping since she did so much of it, especially when it came to me but that’s a story for another time.

Amazingly enough in spite of the dry conditions, the corn in this corner of Pennsylvania is super yummy this year.  True, the kernels aren’t as plump as some years but they are very sweet and wonderful.

Bet you can guess what I’ll be nibbling on tonight!

Monday, August 6, 2012

What Better Way...

To spend a hot day than relaxing with a good book?  Hope she didn't move my bookmark!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Add Water...

To grow a kitty in a flower pot!

Friday, August 3, 2012

They Know

The magic lilies growing in my yard, that is. 

They’re blooming now which means it soon will be fall.  The blooms last about a week and a half.  Every year, not long after the last fades, cooler nights set in, followed by cooler days.  I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see the first flower stalk!  It wasn’t there Tuesday when I was out in my yard.

They’re actually very cool.  They get amaryllis-type leaves early spring which die completely off.  They give you enough time to forget they’re there before sending up stalks with a whole bunch of blooms on each.  The blossoms start pale pink and darken as they age.  Just before the end of their lives they are almost blue.

So not only do they predict the change of seasons but they sprout flowers overnight that are color shifters.  See?  They really are magic!

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mystery Solved

Last night it clouded up enough that it was bearable to sit out on the front steps and kibitz with my neighbor.  First time in over a month and it was very nice.

While we were there a man passed by, walking his slow-moving dog.  We all exchanged hellos and he stopped for a moment.  The dog, which looked like brindle greyhound, turned out to be a whippet and something mix.  His name was Pete and he was no longer speedy because he’s in his teens.  He was a rescue and the man said they’ve been the best of buddies since he scooped him up at the Humane Society when the dog was not much older than a puppy.

When I first moved into Reading a million years ago there was a fresh produce market just a few blocks from my house.  It always had the best selection and when it up and vanished one day without any explanation I missed it. 

As we were chatting it came out that this gentleman used to be the owner of the produce store.  He had to give it up when he had complications from surgery for a brain tumor.  He ended up paralyzed, blind, mute and on a ventilator for months.  It took time but he’s come back completely even though his doctors were preparing him to be wheelchair bound.  He has a full life complete with entirely new career and a very cool dog and is doing just fine.

I’d always wondered what happened that the market closed.  And now I know.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ever have a day when you’re really, really hungry but don’t know what for?  Do you end up nibbling on everything in sight?  Or do you wander from fridge to cabinets, hoping against hope that something you want will magically appear the next time you open one of them, only to end up eating nothing?

Today, I’m experiencing the opposite.  I had a lovely salad topped with all sorts of fresh veggies and ultra tasty chipotle cheddar dressing for lunch.  I’m not at all hungry.  And when I do get a little peckish I have yummy lemon pepper chicken left over from last night.  With super sweet pineapple for a snack later.

Doesn’t matter.  Different things keep popping into my head - cheesy ziti with warm garlic bread, lentils with browned butter noodles, stew, Cherry Garcia ice cream to name just a few.  I want them.  All!  Right now!  Kind of silly since as I said, I’m not at all hungry yet.

Yes, over the past two months I’ve changed the way I eat drastically but I’m not depriving myself.  If there’s something I really want but have been avoiding in order to prevent migraines I still allow myself a small amount.  I’ve learned that a little bit will satisfy the need for a specific taste without making me feel bad.

I have lots of food and plenty of different flavors so there no real reason for this.  It’s just one of those days.  Happily, I’m doing very well at laughing at myself every time some new flavor flits through my mind.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.