Thursday, August 9, 2012


I know things.  Things I haven’t been told.  Am I psychic?  Hardly.  Am I magickal?  Of course but that has little to do with what I’m referring to.  Am I outside, peering in windows?  Hahaha, nope.  Not this time.

No, sometimes I know things because in a very round about way, I’ve been told them.  Oh, not intentionally.  And often, unknowingly.  I know because I pay attention.  I take all that’s been said, filter it, add in bits and pieces that are unsaid but out there nonetheless, mix in a pinch of my own experiences and viola, I know things.

Is this good?  More often than not.  When I’m asked to offer my viewpoint, does it help?  At times.  Can it be creepy?  Perhaps if those I’m speaking with never realize that I’m merely spouting their own relations back at them.  Am I full of malarkey?  Most definitely.

Happy weekend all!  Wait.  It’s only Thursday.  Damn…

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