Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ever have a day when you’re really, really hungry but don’t know what for?  Do you end up nibbling on everything in sight?  Or do you wander from fridge to cabinets, hoping against hope that something you want will magically appear the next time you open one of them, only to end up eating nothing?

Today, I’m experiencing the opposite.  I had a lovely salad topped with all sorts of fresh veggies and ultra tasty chipotle cheddar dressing for lunch.  I’m not at all hungry.  And when I do get a little peckish I have yummy lemon pepper chicken left over from last night.  With super sweet pineapple for a snack later.

Doesn’t matter.  Different things keep popping into my head - cheesy ziti with warm garlic bread, lentils with browned butter noodles, stew, Cherry Garcia ice cream to name just a few.  I want them.  All!  Right now!  Kind of silly since as I said, I’m not at all hungry yet.

Yes, over the past two months I’ve changed the way I eat drastically but I’m not depriving myself.  If there’s something I really want but have been avoiding in order to prevent migraines I still allow myself a small amount.  I’ve learned that a little bit will satisfy the need for a specific taste without making me feel bad.

I have lots of food and plenty of different flavors so there no real reason for this.  It’s just one of those days.  Happily, I’m doing very well at laughing at myself every time some new flavor flits through my mind.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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