Friday, August 31, 2012

This Morning

I was out and about before the crack of dawn today.  Places to go, things to do and all that.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning.  Cool and peaceful.

Or it was until I showed up. 

I was stopped at a light, staring at the gorgeous full moon, glowing almost orange in a deep midnight blue sky.  It was breathtaking.  Try as I might, okay so I really didn’t try much at all, I just couldn’t resist.  I howled.  Literally.  Howie laughed happily so I howled again.  The second time we were both laughing.  You know how it is.  Once in a blue moon, which today just happens to be.  A blue moon, I mean.  The second full moon of the month.  I was very pleased with myself and cheerful, even though the light was taking forever.

That’s when I noticed the man scurrying down the street.  Away from me.  Back the direction he came from.  Did I forget to mention that it was so nice I had the windows wide open?  Yes, all these hours later, I’m still laughing.  As I said, sometimes you really just gotta.

Happy weekend all.  Be safe and do something unexpected!

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