Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sandy's Turn

Last week I shared a story by my dear friend, Kim.  This week I'd very much like you to read a little tale penned by the amazing and awesome, Sandra Williamson.  It's called The Spring and it is, in my opinion, a very nifty story indeed.

The Spring is a new adventure for Sandy.  It's a YA tale, her first, that she wrote to enter an anthology contest on Figment.  It's also the first short, short story that she's ever posted anywhere.  I'm very privileged in that she let me read along as she went so I got to share in the fun of her developing the characters and resolving the mystery.  How cool is that!

Yep, I admit it.  I'm spoiled to have such talented and generous friends!

Happy reading!!!

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Taylor Tryst said...

Ah, Barb, you are fabulous!!!

It was a blast, wasn't it?

I've never written anything short and though I stumbled a bit when I posted by not editing on the actual page and cutting and pasting in mistakes, I'm very proud of this little tale. Start to finish in under 4000 words. I'd have said I never could have done it! Thanks to you and Kim for leading me into the fray!