Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking Over

I have two strawberry pots in my yard.  No, the strawberries don’t live there.  They’ve claimed the entire yard.  There are a variety of hens and chicks inhabiting them these days although they are climbing out and I suspect, staging a coup against the strawberries.

Recently I was out, peering at all the growy things I have as I do from time to time, noting how the dynamics have changed, when I noticed something else has staked a claim to one of the strawberry pots.  Or perhaps I should say someone.

There is the most amazing spider web I have ever seen and it’s rapidly expanding on a daily basis.  The main lair is nestled in a pot and has a two inch cylindrical opening.  As of yesterday afternoon, the web was at least 3’ x 5’.  I finally caught a partial glimpse of the spider.  I think it’s a wolf spider but I’m not entirely positive since I didn’t see all of it.

It’s outside so I don’t mind it being there at all as long as it leaves me a path to get to my trash can and doesn’t spin a web that encompasses the whole house.  Hey, there’s an idea.  I could call off work tomorrow because I’m being held captive by a massive spider!  Oh wait.  I probably shouldn’t joke about that since it is very large and spinning at a great rate.

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