Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Very Important Things

There’s a big debate going on at the FDA. Apparently someone came up with a way to genetically alter salmon so they grow twice as fast. The folks that developed this don’t want the fish labeled as such in stores, I suspect because they’re afraid people won’t buy it. They claim it has the same material makeup as conventional fish, same flavor, texture, color and odor. Therefore, they see no need to notify consumers. However, consumer advocates argue that the public has a right to know. Uh, yeah. I think that one’s kinda obvious, don’t you? Guess I’ll be skipping salmon until this one’s settled.

There have been all sorts of announcements lately on where to get your H1N1 flu shots. There was also a big article about the H1N1 epidemic being over. Okay, I’m confused. If the epidemic is over, why do I need to get a shot?

The world’s oldest man turned 114. Imagine all he’s seen in his lifetime. Even so, I really don’t think I want to live that long. Or, if I do, I don’t want it to be a news item. I’ve never liked my birthday and tend to ignore it. I purposefully don’t tell my friends until after it has passed. I certainly don’t want the whole world involved, making some kind of fuss just because I’m older than dirt. I’m special all the time, not just on my birthday. One thing in the article I did like about him was the quote they included. “With all the hatred in this world, in this good world, let us be kind to one another.” I agree but isn’t that something we should strive for every day anyway?

In other news no one aboard the Titanic needed to die. They supposedly screwed up. First, the steersman panicked when he saw the iceberg and turned the wrong way, hitting it instead of going around it. Then, they kept sailing instead of shutting everything down and waiting for another ship to come rescue everyone which caused the ship to sink hours faster than it would have had it been stationery. Hmm, not sure we needed to know that.

Just one last thing in case you missed it. The recession was over last year. Everything’s fine now.

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