Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nature Visits

The other evening I went about closing up my house only to find this magical creature hanging on my door as if waiting for me. I paused a moment, silently sharing space with her, me on one side of the screen, her on the other.

Twenty odd years ago, when I first moved in here, I ordered up a pod of praying mantis eggs to stick in my little yard since they're such good insects to have and I’ve been hosting them ever since. I generally see a few a summer, always in unexpected places, which never fails to make me smile. I’d about given up for this year when this lovely turned up on my door.

I have a long-legged spider spinning the most gorgeous web at the top of my cellar steps. Don’t mind spiders as long as I know they’re there and they don’t just suddenly appear dangling in front of my face say from the sun visor in my car. I’m going to need to purchase a new jug of washer fluid since I’m not about to disturb Charlotte in her web-designing. She may have an important message for me and I don’t want to miss it.

1 comment:

Amber Skyze said...

Strange, I hadn't seen one in almost 20 years and I've seen two this summer.