Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I went off this morning to get me a new dryer. Easier said than done. I started out at Lowes. Nope, no luck. All too wide to fit down my steps. Why is nothing in my life ever easy?

After sitting there in the parking lot, mumbling to Howie, I decided to try Sears. Enter salesman Kevin. Poor Kevin wandered all around the department with me, measuring things just in case the specs on the sign were a little bit off. They weren’t. Then he flipped through his handy dandy book. Still no luck. He checked on line, in case there was something that they didn’t have in the store but could order for me. The only choice there was an apartment sized dryer that was about half the capacity of real ones and no power so things would take forever to dry.

Back to the handy dandy book. Yes, I asked him to look again. I muttered my finder charm and guess what! There was a dryer that was only half an inch too big that came in a gas model as well as electric. He was completely perplexed as he was sure he’d checked all of them the first time. No, I didn’t explain.

It’s ordered. A tad too big but Kevin says it comes with two delivery/installation guys and they are just going to have to lift it three-quarters of the way down the steps. That’s when the upper wall ends and there’s space to angle it. If they do that, it’ll fit. I, of course, am going to play real dumb and claim innocence about knowing that is the only way it’ll get to the basement. Once Kevin stopped shaking his head at me he decided it was a good idea.

I left, with a promise to give him an excellent rating on my customer service survey. Oh, I gave him a bookmark for his wife that had him grinning at her possible reaction. Yeah, I like that.

I came home by way of Riley’s to report my success and ended up under the Schuylkill Avenue Bridge. Here are the new murals they just finished. Pretty cool. I have to go back one day with real shoes because there is some really great graffiti under the middle of the bridge that I’d need to climb down a bank to get to. Hmm, better let someone know where I’m going that day too since I’m likely to end up on the train tracks following the river into the abandoned Rockwell yard that’s chained off from the street side. Anyone want to come along?

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