Friday, July 11, 2014

Combining Rants...

Last week I received my local Per Capita tax bill.  Previously it was $15.00.  Reasonable, right?  I thought so.  But last week, when I opened the envelope, I discovered the fee is now $30.00.  Yes, it doubled.  Granted, $15.00 is not a tremendous amount of money.  It’s the principle of the matter. 

What makes it even worse is something I heard on the radio two days ago.  The reasoning behind raising the amount, according to the report, was to encourage those who historically don’t bother paying, roughly 80% of those who should, to pay.  Huh?  Make a bill more expensive and people who haven’t paid in the past will suddenly fork over double the money?  I don’t buy it.  To me it seems that the 20% of us that do pay are once again getting screwed.

I heard the most negative campaign ad ever this morning.  It was presented by one of the candidates for governor of Pennsylvania.  It was so far beyond hateful and tasteless that I can’t believe the man who purportedly endorsed truly did.  He certainly shouldn’t have because all it served is to make him look bad, not the man he was slamming.

When did negative campaigning become so widely acceptable?  I know I’m showing my age by saying this but I remember when candidates used to attempt to garner votes by boasting about the good they’ve accomplished in their own careers rather than dissing their opponents.  Perhaps it’s just me but I liked it better back then.  I’m capable of forming my own opinion.  Tell me what makes you qualified for the office you’re running for, what your plan is to make things better and keep your mouth shut about the other guy.  He can tell me the same and then I’ll make up my mind on who I will vote for.  If the only thing you can do is trash the other guy then I have to wonder whether you’re in any way capable of filling the position.

Okay, rant over.  Happy weekend, all!

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