Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Special Hello...

Many, many, many years ago I had a coworker turned friend who walked to work.  One afternoon, on my way home, we ended up at the same corner - me in my car, her on foot.  It was a drizzly day but the sun was starting to break through.  As we waited for the light to change this beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us.The next day we smiled about it.  

Years later, as she was dying from cancer, we were chatting and remembered the day with the rainbow.  She told me every time I saw one after she passed it would be her stopping by to say hi, that she'd really never be gone and I shouldn't be sad.  She visited today and, as always when there's a rainbow, I was filled with happy memories.

Hi Sandy!  Thanks for visiting today.  I miss you but you were right.  As long as there are rainbows, you will never be far from my heart.

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