Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I grew up watching Doctor Who.  By the time I started watching the series was already on the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.  I watched through the fourth, Tom Baker and fifth, Peter Davidson. Back at the beginning I remember my dad making fun of me for being so fascinated.  It wasn’t long before he was engrossed, watching along with me.

When the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker arrived, I pretty much lost touch with the series.  By the time I went looking for it, it was gone.  But then, in 2005, it was resurrected with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.  Happy girl!  I had TV back then so I didn’t miss an episode.  Still don’t but now I have to wait for them to be released on DVD.  A few months later, people who only watch things once start selling theirs off cheap and I can have them.

Recently I gathered up the three sets of the Doctor Revisteds.  Last night I watched the movie with the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann.  Fun!  Too bad there weren’t more episodes with him.  I will work my way through the last three Doctors even though I’ve seen them all.  Once I do that, I get to watch the 50th Anniversary Special.

Sadly, after that I have to wait.  Sigh.  Perhaps I’ll watch all the DVDs I’ve collected.  By the time I’m through them all again, the next season should be available.

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