Saturday, September 27, 2014

Please Don't Misunderstand...

I’m all for supporting a good cause.  And I do.  Animal-related ones especially.  No, that does not mean you should solicit funds from me for your animal causes.  You support those and good for you.  I have already chosen the ones I willingly donate to on an ongoing basis. Good for me.


That said, I have no objection to groups milling around, attempting to get funds from those who contribute impulsively.  I’m not one of them so don’t bother but I know many people are.  Have at it.  I appreciate the collectors who are polite once I indicate I’m not interested.


What I do mind is the pattern that has developed in my neighborhood.  It is now a weekly occurrence that has people standing on the street corners of the busiest intersection around, holding out buckets for whatever the cause of the day is. 


Again, I don’t mind others attempting to raise money for a legitimate cause and, for the most part, I have heard of the ones displayed either on their Tee-shirts or on their placards.  Today it was vests for police dogs.  Excellent and very worthy.  My problem stems from the fact that they have become a traffic hazard.  Yes, there are stoplights and yes, for the most part, those soliciting are mindful of them.


But not always.  Busiest intersection around, remember?  Lights change.  People are sometimes in a rush to beat the light and may not necessarily be paying as much attention to traffic patterns as they should.  When the car in front of them stops to donate they sometimes get run in to.  I know, mostly the fault of the individual not watching but also the fault of those who stop as there really isn’t room to pull over and the fault of those collecting.


I haven’t heard of anyone being run over attempting to do this good deed.  Yet.  It’s bound to happen sooner or later.  Perhaps it’s time to rethink this whole street corner thing.

Happy weekend, all.

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