Monday, March 18, 2013

Permanent Vacation - FREE!

The ultimate of destinations is now available, all expenses paid.  There’s just one catch.  You won’t be coming back.  Ever.  From Mars.

Mars One is a private spaceflight project headed by Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp.  The timing of this project is extensive – the rest of your life if selected.  You can apply to be one of the pioneer travelers this spring with the final four to be chosen by 2015.  If selected, you will spend the next eight years in an extensive training program with your flight out planned for 2022, scheduled to arrive at Mars in 2023.

According to Lansdorp, “The technology to get humans to Mars and keep them alive there exists, but the technology to bring them back does not yet.”

You must be at least 18 years old to apply, no experience or specific skills required.  All training and equipment is included in exchange for your life.  You must be “utterly dependable, good in groups and at your best when things are at their worst.”

Oh and did I mention that you will also become a Reality TV star in the process?  Yes, that is how Mr. Lansdorp and his crew are planning on funding this little expedition.  Don’t expect Lansdorp to join you on the trip however.  According to him, he’s too impatient to fit well within such a small, permanent group and has a “really nice” girlfriend at the moment who isn’t interested in accompanying him.

Tempting as this whole thing is I will be not be applying.  Still, I wouldn’t mind having a Tee-shirt.  If you’re interested go here for more details.

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