Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh No!

One of the yards I tend has a recurring sink hole.  With the rain we had over the past week it has begun opening up again.  Right next to my pretty flowers.

So today I took some time and rearranged the plants.  We’re supposed to have torrential rains over the next thirty hours and I didn’t relish the idea of sliding down eight feet into the mud to rescue them.

There’s a visual for you.  Can’t you just picture me, someone holding my feet, waiting to yank me back out once I was thoroughly slimed and had snagged the poor little plants?  Yeah, me too but still, I decided to save them today, before it became critical instead.

I’d tell you to stay dry but that goes against my nature so how about be safe?  If you’re so inclined come out and dance in the rain with me.  Hey, you only get so wet and then, when you’re ready, you go inside and dry off.

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