Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day Almost Called

On account of stupidity.  My own, that is.  Yesterday after purchasing the winning ticket for tonight’s power ball I noticed that my one tire looked a little low.  I wasn’t sure if it was truly low or an illusion from being parked half on a ramp.

This morning I was ready for work early so I decided to be responsible and stop for air along the way.  Off I went to the same mini market where I’ve been adding air to my tires for the entire dozen plus years since it was constructed.  Out I hopped.  I took off the little cap, got the hose, pushed the button and then stood there. 

I haven’t added air to any of the tires since purchasing them in the spring.  I had no clue what the tire pressure on these particular tires should be.  I checked the gauge.  The pressure was 28.  I thought okay, I’ll be safe and add a few pounds.  Only when I let go of the trigger to check what it was up to the pressure had dropped.  I felt completely foolish as I’ve added air many times over the course of my driving life.  I tried again.  Down it went some more.

I quit before the tire was low enough to be unsafe.  I ran into a coworker on my way into the office and informed her I had to go home as I was too stupid to be in public today.  I explained why and I commend her on her effort not to snicker.

Not ten minutes later another coworker called to tell me she had the same experience on her way in this morning.  Ha!  It wasn’t me, nor was it her.  The damn gizmo was malfunctioning again and the mini market hadn’t put up the out of order sign yet.

So I debated about stopping at the other free air source on my way home.  The problem however was I still didn’t know the optimum psi for my tires.  I called the place I bought them and the very nice gentleman explained that there was likely a sticker on my door jam that contained that information but if I wanted to stop by he’d be happy to take care of it for me.

No, the sticker was not there so I went to see Corey the tire guru.  He located the sticker.  On the inside of the fuel door.  The tire info is in fine print beneath the fuel specifications.  Good to know for next time since he checked them all for me.  The only one that was low was the one I let air out of this morning.  If I’d left it alone, it would have been just fine.  Yes, it was at the recommended pressure before I got involved.

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