Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloweens growing up did not hold many decent memories.  It simply wasn’t fun. 

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, in a school district that was scattered over a vast area.  My friends lived on the far reaches of the district, nearly 20 miles away.  As you can imagine trick or treating back and forth with them was out of the question.

My neighborhood, if you can call it that since really all it consisted of was a road with a scattering of houses, had no sidewalks and no street lights.  As a small child, I was not allowed to traipse up and down the road after dark.  Nor were the few other children that lived within a mile and a half. 

There were two years when one set of parents collected all the kids and took us around as a group to the same houses where they’d picked us up individually.  It took all of ten minutes, start to finish.

Costumes then, when you had a mother who didn’t sew, were those cheap, shiny open-in-the-back jumpsuit type things with a plastic mask.  I know I had a Flipper costume.  And I half-remember a Casper costume although that might have been the same electric blue coverall as Flipper with a new mask.

Carving pumpkins was highly frowned upon.  It was much too messy although there were sad attempts when I was honestly too little to be wielding the big carving knife.  The wrath they inspired just wasn’t worth it.

Yeah, Halloween to me leaves a lot to be desired.  But to those of you who have happier memories, enjoy!

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