Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's Lesson

Researchers have recently identified a new type of boredom, the fifth.  Oh you didn’t know boredom came in varieties?  Me either.  All this time I just thought I had ennui.  Apparently I was wrong.

Some types of boredom provide motivation while others are non-achievement oriented.  It is reported that unless you are boredom-obsessed, the differences are subtle.

So why should you care?  Because identifying which type of boredom it is that is being experienced will then make it possible to develop better strategies for alleviating it.  This could help deal with things such as attention disorders, poor learning skills or inability to function efficiently at work.  Ah, now you see the need, don’t you?

To recap:

1.  Indifferent boredom – a state of being relaxed and withdrawn

2.  Calibrating boredom – being uncertain or dreamy while receptive to change

3.  Searching boredom – emotionally itchy, restless and actively looking for change

4.  Reactant boredom – being motivated to find alternatives to a situation sometimes to the extent of behaving inappropriately

5.  Apathetic boredom – the newest kind, which mimics depression – being full of helplessness

It is thought that individuals have one type of boredom that sticks with them rather than switching between varieties and that personality may be a contributing factor.  Also each type manifests into different kinds of physical and emotional reactions, some of which may adversely affect one’s health, some of which may cause the person experiencing boredom to be a threat to others.

So there you have it.  Bet you’re glad you stopped by today.

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