Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Wonder

Today I once again understand why the post office is in such turmoil.

I had a very pleasant woman call to inquire whether a package was delivered as the tracking indicated.  She was checking because she was the sender and the box has been lost for over a week.  No, it was not.  At the time she called I had yet to see any postal personnel in my office.

Four hours later a very hateful, miserable woman from the post office called. She insisted that the package had been delivered this morning at a time when I know with absolute certainty that I was at my desk.  When I attempted to explain that she was rude and yelled at me.  She refused to listen, getting louder and louder as she told me in no uncertain terms that I received the package.

Twenty minutes later the mailman came.  He had the package in question earlier but was told to pull it from the truck, that someone called and said they’d be picking it up.  Hmm.  No.  That’s as untrue as saying the package was already delivered.  There had been no orange slip at any time saying someone there had a package so why would anyone think they needed to go pick something up?

Funny thing is when I sorted the mail the package was with it.  It had not been pulled and was not at the facility waiting for anyone to claim it.  Yeah.

The woman that sent it was pleased to know it arrived safely.  And the postal woman who called and was abusive?  All I can say is she’s lucky I don’t have her name because I would be reporting her.

Hope your day was better.

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