Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh My

I had a gift card - $25.  There were a few odds and ends I needed so off I went to one of the big stores that carry all I was after.  The plan was to spend the whole card while getting as much of my list as I could, using up the last few cents with cat food since the kitties are always hungry.

I gathered my items and off I went to check out.  A very pleasant cashier commented how absolutely lovely the candle I purchased smelled.  Went on and on about it.  Hmm.  The candle was unscented and said so very clearly on the label which she looked at closely.  The scent she picked up was my lemon blossom lotion which is indeed as light and refreshing as she described.  I smiled and said thank you.

The total of my order was $25.17.  Yes, well done me!  I had already mentioned I had a gift card.  I handed it to her with a quarter.  She slid the card and the register asked me to enter the pin number.  She stood expectantly until I reminded her it was a gift card.  There was no pin.

She slid it again to the same result.  No, still no pin.  She decided to enter the quarter first.  The total then owed was $24.92.  Slide card.  No pin.  Slide card.  No pin. Go for help.

That person suggested entering the card as credit instead of debit. Ah!  Success!  No pin!  Transaction complete.  And I still have $.08 left to use on my gift card as the cashier very cheerfully informed me.

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