Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today's Ramble

Yesterday, there was snow.  For those of you who are local and pay taxes let me assure you the city did not incur any excessive overtime costs in cleaning the streets.  When I got home I drove back and forth in my parking space several times to flatten out the snow before it froze and then salted around my tires so there would be no problem getting back out of the space.

I peeked out early to see how much scraping I would need to do.  Looked easy, less than half the windshield was frosted.  Yeah.  Right.  Oh it was only half the windshield.  The problem was that the frost was inside.

Ever attempt to scrape the inside of your windshield?  Let me tell you, it’s easier said than done.  While I worked at it I had the defroster on full blast.  Sure, the frost melted.  Into rivulets and drops.  Lots of them.  Of course I had nothing to dry the window with other than my glove which was completely soaked in an instant.  I finally got them pushed around enough to get to work safely.

It was freezing up when I left work too but then I could take off my flannel shirt and use it to dry the window properly.  Hopefully now that I have, I won’t have the same difficulty tomorrow morning.

The heat was on when I got home.  Which means it was below 48 in my house.  I think the cats were amazed to feel warm coming out of the vents.  It was hard getting them to the kitchen to eat.

Yes, I feel guilty.  No heat again this year.  I thought I had that solved.  I went through the interview process at a big chain store.  I had a signed work offer and everything.  And then, even though I told them my availability online, on paper and in person, three times, they called for me to come to orientation and training. At 1:00 the following afternoon.  It was after 3:00 when they called.  My department at my full time job was already shorthanded due to special training that week.  There was no way I could attend.

I spoke with the woman who called me and she assured me that it was fine, they would set something else up and call me.  They didn’t.  A few days later I contacted her again.  No worries, they were setting up another time and would call me.  They didn’t.  The third time I spoke with her I was put on hold after identifying myself.  For my entire lunch break.  I had to get back to my desk so I hung up and haven’t heard from them since.

So here I am, sitting in the cold, being punished for being a decent employee at my full time job.  Gee, I thought that quality was one they might appreciate as I’m sure it would have carried over into my behavior with them, had I actually went to work there.

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