Friday, February 28, 2014

A Question

Always waiting

Wondering why I wasn’t enough
Never enough

An acceptable casualty
Collateral damage to others’ lives

Unseen as I passed
Unnoticed if I stayed
So easily overlooked

Was I ever here?


Ahshay Kobelt said...

Hello! i'm always looking for books to read! (: which one of your books would you recommend to me? I'm new to blogging but I'd love to read your book and post what I think on my blog.

barbara huffert said...

It all depends on what you like. Bitten & Defiant is a vampire story. Linked is a horror/paranormal. Deal of a Lifetime and Controlled Desires are psychological bondage. My Cosmic Connections series, Questing, Chaos, Condemned, is contemporary. Drake's Rules is a sweet romance with a little girl who steals every scene she is in. Whisper and Sigh is a fantasy. Second Act is a visit to the past. Hot Rush is an undercover cop tale. And Close to Forever is a sweet, sweet, sweet story with no sex. Something for everyone!