Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

I'm going to be very sad when I can't go to a fair with my friends on the Fourth of July because I've used up all my time on snow days.  Could someone please go find the groundhog and explain that six more weeks of winter could be just cold.  It does not have to be six more weeks of constant snow.

Yesterday began with a foot of snow.  I cleaned off my car.  Then we had hours of rain/sleet/snow mix.  Then we had seven more inches of snow overnight. 

Howie was not happy this morning.  Not until I gave him a snowhawk!  They haven't even attempted to plow my street.  I considered hiking in to work but under the seven inches of snow are two inches of frozen sleet/rain/snow mix that accumulated after they plowed yesterday.  So I am not walking anywhere.

Tomorrow I will again clean off my car as we are to have more snow tonight.  Yes, definitely time to have a talk with that damn groundhog!

Off to watch more Olympics, the only good part about all of this.  Happy weekend, all!

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