Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good Morning to You Too

It snowed again this morning.  Not a lot.  But enough to make people testy.

Howie was bringing me to work.  We were on the street leading to the parking lot.  He had his turn signal on and was about to turn.  A full-sized pickup truck was coming towards us.  There should have been plenty of time for us to turn safely.  However the S.O.B. driving the truck sped up and blocked the entrance.

He proceeded to gesture at me.  When I didn’t react as he wanted, he put down his window and screamed at me to back up and let him by.  He insisted I had to see him coming and should have already gotten out of his way.  Yes, that is the cleaned up version of it.

I stared for a moment, during which he became more abusive and obscene.  If I saw him then surely he saw Howie as well.  Which brings the question to mind why he sped up instead of pausing?

I had several responses in mind but bit my tongue.  He had a child with him and none of them would have been appropriate for her to hear.  I doubt I made an impression but I attempted to show that not everyone is a bullying prick. 

Howie backed up and let him pass.  As I choose to see it, that indicates that we have class whereas he does not.

More snow over the weekend.  I think we’ll stay in and leave the idiots to themselves.

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