Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Evening

I was happily lounging at my part-time job this evening, having reached the point where things were settled and I could read, Joe Coomer’s One Vacant Chair, a most excellent book, when I heard dripping.  Behind me.  

I looked and indeed, there was water coming through the ceiling.  A moment later there was more.  And more.  I arranged the three trash cans at hand, taking out the liners to have more coverage.  I moved the cardboard box holding the recycled newspapers.  I moved the plastic mail bin.  No, neither of those was watertight but they were better than nothing.

I called maintenance and apologized for disturbing his evening but there was water pouring through the ceiling.  By then it was A LOT OF WATER!  He doesn’t really know me yet so he called a coworker to come check if I was serious.  Honestly, the expression on her face when she saw the volume of water pouring behind me while I stood in the dark, having turned off the lights because by then there was water in them as well, was the most priceless thing I’ve seen in ages.  It was classic!  She turned and ran, I’m guessing to return his call and say, hell yes, get in here!

I also called a coworker upstairs and asked if she could somehow stop the flow.  Um no, not entirely.  There was at least an inch of water on the floor so I’d just have to wait it out.

I moved all the electrical gizmos and the project I had completed earlier.  And then I went back to my duties, since of course that was then people decided to call and need assistance.  In the dark.  With a LOT of water pouring around me.  (I found the pic online.  It's not bad but there was MUCH more water coming through the ceiling where I was.)

It was down to a trickle when he arrived.  After checking upstairs to ensure the source was definitely off he came down to deal with it.  He decided to risk the lights so he could see what was what.  And then was amazed by the amount of water I’d actually managed to contain.  As in GALLONS of it.

Heh.  I bet next time I call after hours he just comes, without bothering to get someone else to confirm that there is truly a need first.  So.  How was your evening?

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