Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Proficient, reliable, willing to work with me on an inexpensive bill.

My roof is leaking.  Has been.  I thought I had someone to help but it turns out he is far too busy with his legitimate business.  Yeah, I’m not really family but I was promised the family discount and payment schedule.  Sadly that also gets   I can’t even manage a return call this week.
me the family work schedule.

In case you’ve been living in even more isolation than I generally do, it’s been raining.  A lot.  With more to come.  And, as I just mentioned, my roof is leaking.  Every time I go into the room below the leak I remind the ceiling it belongs where it is and that it would be very unhappy on the floor.  Perhaps not quite as unhappy as I would be to come home and find it on the floor but I’m certain it would not enjoy it.  From its current vantage point, it can gaze out the window, watch the comings and goings in the neighborhood, fraternize with the birds that fly by.  From the floor’s perspective it would see nada.  Yes, better to stay put.

Which brings me back to how this started.  I need a good roofer who will come and fix it.  SOON!!!  Before my head explodes.

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