Friday, May 2, 2014

Welcome Elsie Hepner!, I'm turning my blog over to fellow writer, Elsie Hepner.  She has a new book out, Furious Temptation, the second in her Furies Series

First, a little about Elsie -

Elise Hepner lives with her husband and two eccentric cats in Maryland. She spends the majority of her free time in her basement office concocting smutty characters and sinful situations that leaves readers satisfied. When not writing, she researches everything from automatons in the 18th century to gladiatorial rules in Ancient Rome. She prides herself on being an avid information hound as well as a blog reading addict--which is her favorite way to procrastinate. Her previous publications include books and stories with Entangled, Excessica, Xcite, Ellora's Cave, Secret Cravings Publishing and Cleis Press.

Some thoughts from Elsie on writing this series - 

Three years ago if someone told me I’d be writing paranormal novels about Greek Furies into BDSM I’m pretty sure I would have curled up in a corner and cried because of the idea of creating whole worlds from scratch. But after a year of research—and research on my research—I’ve learned that my World Bible is my god. Any little inconsistency or tiny detail gets chocked up in my bible until that file on my computer is as big as an actual Fury book. From the differences between demon made—demons who are transitioned from humans or dead human souls—to demon born, or demons who are born from two other demons, my Greek mythos can get a little complicated.

Writing a paranormal novel was one of the hardest things I’d ever undertaken and after writing my second one, Furious Temptation, I can’t say that it got any easier. Even with all my research laid out in an easy to find order, the genre still stretches my limits. I don’t know how everyone else does it, but for me, it involves a lot of hair pulling, a lot of desk banging, and many, many episodes of True Blood.

But it’s a task I’m glad I came to bat for because it’s been a wild ride. Filled with portals for mystical elevator travel, blood play, and voyeurism with a side of wood nymph—I never thought I’d create a world I loved on paper as much as I love it in my mind. Whenever I feel like doubting myself, I pull up my World Bible and marvel at my mastery, and it fluffs up my ego for 2.5 seconds until it’s time to write again. My research keeps me on task, keeps me writing, keeps me creatively reaching and occasionally reminds me how far I’ve come in the last few years.

So maybe I’ll go curl up into a corner now?

And now a bit about Furious Temptation

For millennia Megaera, a Fury, has functioned as Hades right hand by passing judgment on demons who break the sacred laws. Stalwart in her  moral compass, but harboring a curse triggered by rage, she walks a thin line between perfection and destruction. But when she digs into a case  uncovering a string of demon rapes, she incites a war with Mount Olympus that could ripple chaos throughout the ages.

 Omen Cole was demon made during the Civil War after repeated torture at the hands of his enemies.  Sentenced to an eternity as watchdog over  his emotionally frail, once human ex-wife, he’s haunted that he couldn’t save her from a brutal assault.

 Now it’s happened again. And Megaera needs his testimony. Omen will sell his body—and anything else—to avenge his fragile ex-wife. If that means  an alliance with Megaera, he’ll make it the most memorable of their eternity.

You can find Elsie at her website, on Facebook and on Twitter.  Click on anything in red or the book cover to get there.

Happy reading!


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