Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Customer Service Lives!

I toss my change in a jar and use it when I am in need of a treat.  Last Thursday the temperature topped 70 for the first time.  To me that meant time for my favorite summer treat, frozen limeade from Wawa, our local mini market that just celebrated 50 years in business.  With whipped cream that I mix in as soon as I’ve taken a few sips.

I grabbed a handful of change on my way out the door only to discover that the ultra nummy limeade has been replaced by peach lemonade.  Peach lemonade?  My first reaction was no!  Then I stopped to consider and decided to give it a try, loving peaches as I do.  Yes, I know, not all things processed that are supposedly peach flavored are good but I was there and wanted a treat.

Um.  Should have stuck with my first reaction.  It wasn’t awful  but it is not a flavor I will ever order again.  So I poked around Wawa’s website and found their contact information.  I emailed them with my disappointment and opinion on the replacement. 

Within two hours (and after 5:00) I had a very nice response from Brianna, a Wawa customer engagement sr. analyst since 2007.  She was extremely pleasant, thanking me for my input, stating she would pass it on to marketing.  She also promised a gift card so that I may try another flavor on them.

Today, less than a week later, the gift card arrived with a polite, upbeat letter from Brianna encouraging me to contact Wawa with my thoughts again.  Yes, I am impressed.  Someone remembers how customer service should be.  I knew I liked Wawa for more than their nummy drinks and fresh-made sandwiches.  No wonder they’ve made it this long.

Click here to see if there's a Wawa near you. And while you're there tell them to bring back frozen limeade!

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Tom Coshow said...

Oooh I love frozen limeade! Well, that is a travesty. Not being able to drink your favorite beverage in summer is pretty much like not receiving gifts on your birthday or on Christmas. Hahaha! It's a good thing though that the Wawa rep handled the conversation gracefully and impressively. Plus you got a gift cert out of it. Anyway, I hope the limeade makes a comeback soon!

Tom Coshow @ TeleDirect