Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I am finally poor enough to qualify for a local program.  Free smoke detectors! 

I filled out the form a week and a half ago.  Got a call within days. 

And tonight four very personable firemen showed up at my door.  They came in their firetrucks.  Hey, they were on duty.  What else would they bring?

Amazingly there was actually parking on my narrow half street.  Sure did make the neighbors wonder.

In they came, carrying a huge tote.  I signed a paper and off three of them went, clambering all over my house, installing detectors as they went while the fourth pleasantly answered all my questions.  The program began with channel 6 in Philadelphia.  Three years ago a WFMZ, a local TV station set a similar program in motion here.  They still do the advertising but the fire department has a grant to supply the detectors.

Not cheap detectors either.  These are long-lasting fancy detectors.  Ten years with no batteries to replace.  All in under fifteen minutes.  Some good has come from all those taxes I pay!

Call your local fire department and ask if they do the same.  If not, suggest they initiate a program.  Keep you safe, just like me.  Thank you, gentlemen!

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